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9 Steps For Improving Heart Health Naturally

Improve heart health naturally

The neighbor’s dog is barking at 3 am. The checkout line at the grocery store is 12 people deep. Your car’s battery just died. Your mother called with troubling news about her health. How do you react to each of the above? Are you calm or crazy? When life’s hurdles get the best of us, it can contribute to everything from irritable bowel syndrome to heart disease.

The Benefits of Smoking Cessation

The Benefits of Smoking Cessation

Although this is an improvement from years past, it is still a significant problem that, along with second-hand smoke, results in the deaths of 443,000 people annually. As dismal as this may seem, there are positive signs when it comes to smoking. The CDC also notes that of adults 18 and over, 21 percent have…

Nutrition Tips for Healthy Weight

Nutrition Tips for Healthy Weight

A good step toward eating healthy, however, is simply knowing the basics regarding body weight and healthy foods. Although it is important that people educate themselves, the safest and most accurate way to achieve a healthy body weight is for people to talk with their physicians about their specific needs. Measures of a Healthy Body…

Inspirational Weight Loss Quotes and Motivational Tips

Motivational Tips

Utilizing these motivational tips can lead to a lifestyle change, and not just a quick diet change. Continuing to stick to your program can result in having a happier, healthier life. Top 100 Inspirational Quotes If and when you are ever feeling down, check out some of these inspirational quotes to help your commitment to…

Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Staying Healthy During Flu Season

It can lead to serious illness such as pneumonia, and in some people, it may even cause death. Even if it does not reach such severe levels, the flu can make an entire family ill, resulting in lost time and money at work, or for kids and college students, it could mean a loss of…

Weight Loss Disorders Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia

Weight Loss Disorders Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia

Some people battling anorexia may use control over food and weight to compensate for other areas of life that are more difficult to control. A person’s body image can also play a significant role in overall self-esteem, so a person with anorexia may seek to change their body in an attempt to feel better emotionally….

Nutrition & Health Resources for Kids

Nutrition and Health for Kids

Unfortunately, children and even some adults associate healthy food items with foods that are distasteful. This, however, isn’t necessarily true. There are plenty of foods that are tasty and nutritious. In addition, courtesy of the Internet and public libraries, people can find healthy ways to prepare these foods in an enticing way. To ensure that…

Lower Stress Equals Lower Weight

Lower Stress Equals Lower Weight

When a person is under stress, hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released by the nervous system. As a result of this release, the body is primed for action. One’s senses grow sharper for enhanced focus, muscles of the body tighten, the heart beats faster, and blood pressure elevates in preparation for fight or…

Health and Nutrition Awareness for Kids

Healthy Kids Resource Guide

Healthy Kids Resource Guide Being healthy is extremely important to maintain a well balanced self. But sometimes we forget to make those healthy choices when we are traveling or busy! Sometimes it is just easier to grab fast food because it’s quick and you don’t need to leave your car. But there are plenty of…

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