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6 Healthy Summer Travel Tips

Healthy Summer Travel Tips

Want to widen your world but not your waistline? Here are 6 healthy summer travel tips from the faculty of the renowned Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami. Tip Number 1 is, “Search Out New Movement Opportunities.”

Medical Resorts and Med Spas: What’s Best For You?

Pritikin Medical Resort & Spa

If you’re planning a vacation that’s focused on your health, you may be confused by terms like “medical resorts” and “med spas.” To help you choose a vacation that’s right for you, let’s review the various types of health resorts.

Medical Resort Or Med Spa?

Pritikin Medical Resort & Spa

When people first call us, the first question they often ask is: “What exactly is Pritikin? Are you a medical resort? A med spa? A fat farm? I’m confused.” This article does a nice job clarifying what the Pritikin Longevity Center is, and is not.

Healthy Cooking Classes at the Pritikin Center

In Pritikin’s healthy cooking classes, you’ll discover a whole new world of culinary skills. And sensational flavor! The best news of all? These skills don’t depend on butter, oils, salt, and other fattening, unhealthy ingredients.

Weight Loss Resorts
A Healthier Way to Vacation

Nighttime at the Pritikin Weight Loss Resort

Checking in at a weight loss resort is a life changing experience. While most destination spas, resorts, or wellness centers focus on holistically rejuvenating the mind and body, weight loss resorts are dedicated to helping guests reduce their waist line through fitness, diet, and lifestyle modification.

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