Pre-Arrival Guest Questionnaire

Access all your important information. Planning a trip to Pritikin? Call (855) 886-2067 to book your stay before you fill out the Guest Questionnaire.

Here at your fingertips is your pre-arrival Guest Questionnaire, medical records, the results you achieved while at Pritikin, and quick entry to the Pritikin Online Membership, which is full of great reading and inspiration for healthy Pritikin living at home. Questions? Call us at 305.935.7131.

Ready To Book Your Stay?

Pritikin guests call their experience "transformative." Start your own life-changing transformation by calling (888) 254-1462 or filling out our booking form.

Pre-Arrival Guest Questionnaire

After calling Pritikin and reserving your stay, please take a few minutes (if you haven’t already done so), to complete a Guest Questionnaire and Pre-Arrival Forms.

Health Records Portal

Get access to your personal electronic medical record and test results from Pritikin. If you’re new to the portal, REGISTER HERE (your legal name is required). If you have any problems accessing your records please contact us at 305-935-7141.

Pritikin Online Membership

After leaving Pritikin, continue your success with the Pritikin Online Membership. It has all kinds of resources for helping you live well, such as recipes, weight-loss strategies, nutrition updates, webinars, and much more.