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Pritikin Health & Wellness Retreat

Rated #1 Wellness Retreat By Guests

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Darlene P. - TripAdvisor Traveler

Simply The Best

The Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami exceeded my expectation on every level and was worth every penny! The facility was beautifuland welcoming and the environment was one of absolute security, helpfulness, kindness, patience, happiness, friendliness and professionalism


Renee A - TripAdvisor Traveler

Life Changing Experience

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience at Pritikin. For years, I have tried to get on a healthier pathway - diet, exercise, mindfullness. What seemed impossible to change, has become a reality.

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Top wellness retreats Compared

How the Pritikin Compares with other Wellness retreats

Explore the top wellness retreats at a glance with our convenient comparison table. Easily compare offerings, value, prices, and more to find the perfect retreat that suits your needs and preferences. Your journey to well-being begins with informed decisions—explore and choose wisely.

Standard Program
Canyon Ranch
Premier Fitness Camp
Hilton Head Health
Resort Fees
Total Price
Resort Credit
Gratuity Included
5-Star Trip Advisor Rating
Physician Consultations
30+ Wellness Education Classes/Week
Wellness Education by Medical Experts
Semi-Private Personal Training
Advanced Medical & Performance Testing
Clinically Proven Program
Deluxe Resort Accomodations
Lifetime Virtual Membership
Canyon Ranch
Premier Fitness Camp
Hilton Head Health
Registered Dietitians
Exercise Physiologists
Resort Amenities
Canyon Ranch
Premier Fitness Camp
Hilton Head Health
Suite Upgrades

Best Value

Pritikin provides the best overall value. The core package includes deluxe resort accommodations, meals, and structured fitness. Pritikin includes far more wellness education than other retreats, and is the only retreat where working with a physician is standard.

Guest Reviews

Pritikin ranks #1 among all wellness retreats on TripAdvisor in reviews left by real guests. What those guests have said about their stay is the best indication of what you can expect during yours. Pritikin guests are overwhelming happy with their experience.

Proven Program

Pritikin is one of only two wellness retreats offering a clinically proven program, and the only program documented in peer-reviewed medical journals. As stated - "Pritikin is the gold standard."

No Resort Fees

Pritikin does not charge resort fees. We consider resort fees a dubious practice that allows retreats to artificially lower their advertised rates, only to surprise guests with an unexpected and substantial increase upon checkout.

No Taxes & Gratuity

Pritikin does not charge taxes or gratuity service fees. These charges often add thousands of dollars to your final bill at other retreats. Pritikin staff do not expect tips. We are focused on your success.

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Insider's View of Top Wellness Retreats

Delve into the nuances of wellness retreats as we highlight the strengths and considerations of each top destination.

Pritikin Longevity Center
Miami, Florida

Rated #1 by wellness retreat travelers, Pritikin acheives a flawless 5 out of 5 score on TripAdvisor, and has consistently demonstrated its ability to guide guests toward adopting healthier lifestyles. Amidst the luxurious surroundings of an expansive 800-acre tropical resort, guests experience tangible and lasting results.


Miraval is surrounded by natural beauty. Guests can explore new interests like beekeeping, equine activities and archery. The experience provides an immediate sense of well-being, but unlike Pritikin its program isn’t designed to helping guests adopt a new way of life. A Pritikin guest said it best – “Miraval is like an amazing massage. It feels great in the moment, but the benefits soon fade. Pritikin is a life-changing event.”

Premier Fitness Camp
San Diego, CA

PFC is a good choice for fitness enthusiasts, but it leans towards recommending extended stays for substantial change, making it less ideal for those with limited time. On the other hand, Pritikin provides an intensive and well-structured program led by top wellness professionals. They are dedicated to helping you achieve more in a shorter timeframe, making it a more efficient option for those on a tight schedule.

Canyon Ranch
Tucson, AZ

Canyon Ranch indeed stands out as one of the priciest retreats we’ve evaluated. Guests, however, should be prepared for additional expenses, including a substantial resort fee and other incremental costs that may accrue during their stay. It’s worth noting that despite maintaining an overall 4.5 TripAdvisor score, recent years have seen a notable decline in customer satisfaction. In 2023-24, negative guest reviews have brought the average for that period down to only 3.5.

Hilton Head Health
Hilton Head, SC

Hilton Head Health serves as a budget-friendly choice for guests aiming to adopt healthier lifestyles. However, it’s worth noting that they do not provide many of the core services common at wellness retreats. While the appeal of a budget-friendly option is undeniable, a comprehensive examination of HH3’s offerings and wellness professionals underscores that the Pritikin Center provides guests with a superior value for their investment. Trust your health to the best, not the lowest price.
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Craft Your Personal Path to Wellness

Your Journey

Your stay at Pritikin empowers you to take control of your well-being. Dedicated advisors are available to help you  craft an experience customized for your goals. Your experience wil be as unique as you.

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In Their Own Words

Guest Testimonials

"I did my blood work and I couldn't believe my results. Low cholesterol, low triglycerides, low blood sugar, low BMI. I'm pain free!"

Dr. Alina Dellanzo

Andrew talks about his experience at the Pritikin Wellness Retreat

Andrew B., Pritikin Guest

I don't worry about living a good long healthy life anymore!

I worry about a lot of things, but I don't worry about living a good long healthy life anymore. I always know I've got Pritikin coming. It gives me a focus and something to look forward to.

Sheryl talks about his experience at the Pritikin Wellness Retreat

Sheryl B., Pritikin Guest

It's a place where you discover how to live the rest of your life!

It's a place where you discover how to live the rest of your life in a healthy and happy manner, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Pritikin Experiences

Programs That Get Results

Discover customized packages designed for a variety of objectives. Crafted Experiences consist of carefully chosen services and activities curated by our experts to align with the individual wellness goals of each guest.

Weight Loss

You’ve lost that weight & gained it back too many times. It is time to end dieting & live your best life. We’re here to help.

Health Challenges

You can prevent or reverse many common health conditions. Live the life you want at any age, there’s no need to struggle with your health.

Level Up

Take your fitness to the next level. Defy what you thought were boundaries. Your potential is limitless – we’re here to help.

Reset & Recovery

Sometimes you need a reset – we’re here to help. Reclaim that lifestyle that makes you feel your best with a wellness experience at Pritikin.

Four star rated resort


2023 Forbes Travel Guide

Pritikin is the only wellness retreat located at a resort and spa to earn a prestigious 2023 Forbes Travel Guide Star Rating.

Pritikin the only Retreat Proven to get results

Rigorously Studied by Physicians & Scientists

Leading medical journals like the New England Journal of Medicine, Archives of Internal Medicine and more have document the success of Pritikin’s guests.

Source: Journal of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Source: Journal of Applied Physiology
Source: Journal of Applied Physiology
Source: Archives of Internal Medicine
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Only at Pritikin

What Makes Pritikin Unique

Pritikin is the only health and wellness retreat to include these important services in every Longevity Program. Other wellness retreats may include them at a premium.

Physician Consultations

Experience unparalleled access to our renowned team of physicians. Beyond private consultations with your dedicated physician, engage in up to 10 hours of interactive sessions with cardiologists, endocrinologists, and other certified specialists.

30+ Weekly Wellness Classes

Wellness education forms the foundation of lifestyle change at the Pritikin Center. No other wellness retreat offers a comparable quantity and caliber of educational sessions. At Pritikin, you'll discover how to take control of your health, achieve wellness, and seamlessly apply what you learn into practice.

Semi-Private Personal Training

At Pritikin, we provide personalized fitness experiences through small group personal training. Guests collaborate with individuals of similar fitness levels, ensuring tailored workouts that cater to their specific needs and goals.

Advanced Medical & Performance Testing

Experience cutting-edge advanced medical & performance testing at Pritikin, tailored to optimize your health journey. Our comprehensive assessments provide valuable insights, guiding you towards for enhanced well-being and performance.

Star Your Wellness Journey

No matter where each of us are in life, we all strive to live completely. That’s why we believe longevity belongs to everyone: the driven, the courageous, and the curious. Here, every step you take brings you closer to a healthier, more complete version of yourself. Come to Pritikin and initiate your path to sustainable mind and body wellness.
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