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In 1975, when Nathan Pritikin opened the Pritikin Longevity Center to help people improve cholesterol levels and prevent heart attacks, he noticed that many people at the Center were struggling not just with high cholesterol but also with hypertension and high blood sugar. Several had full-blown diabetes. Most were also overweight.

The good news, Nathan observed, was that his diet-and-exercise program seemed to help all these problems. But Nathan, ever curious about the workings of the human body, was perplexed. Why, he wondered, did all these things seem to go hand-in-hand? Could they be linked in some way?

Today, scientists have answers to Nathan’s observations. There is a link, and it’s called the Metabolic Syndrome.

What is the Metabolic Syndrome?

The Metabolic Syndrome, also known as Syndrome X, is not a disease, per se. Rather, it is a cluster of factors (see below) that are an important warning sign because the syndrome can lead to diabetes as well as heart disease. In the next decade, predicts Dr. David Heber, Director of UCLA’s Center for Human Nutrition, roughly 80% of all heart disease will be due to the Metabolic Syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Even if blood sugar levels never go high enough to be classified as diabetes, the Metabolic Syndrome still promotes heart disease.

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