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In our Menu of Services you’ll find a wealth of personalized services like acupuncture, smoking cessation therapy, private nutrition counseling, sleep disorders treatment, DEXA body composition testing, and much more.


Want to feel relaxed, renewed, and pain free?

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To schedule your appointments, call our Medical Receptionist at 305.935.7131, extension 2740.

The ancient science of acupuncture, which involves inserting thin needles into the body at precise points, may help you in priceless ways. Scientists are now documenting the effectiveness of this low-tech and painless remedy with high-tech tools like neuroimaging studies. They show that acupuncture appears to calm areas of the brain that register pain and stimulate areas linked with relaxation and recuperation. Doppler ultrasounds have also found that acupuncture enhances blood flow, and thermal imaging suggests quelling of inflammation.

According to the U.S. government’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, more than three million Americans have undergone acupuncture. Physicians in the U.S. military are now using acupuncture to treat soldiers in both combat zones and stateside hospitals.

The most common uses for acupuncture are chronic pain conditions like headaches, back pain, and arthritis. It also appears to benefit many people suffering from digestive problems, fatigue, stress, addictions, and anxiety.

The Service Includes: First appointment, which involves intake and assessment, and lasts 1 to 1½ hours. Fee is $175. All 1-hour follow-up sessions are $120.

Biomechanical + Musculoskeletal Evaluation (BME)

Knee, shoulder, or back pain? Old injury bothering you? Does pain or discomfort get in the way every time you try to start an exercise program?

Your Appointment

Call our Medical Receptionist at 305.935.7131, extension 2740, to schedule your appointment.

If so, make an appointment with one of our two biomechanical consultants. Each has more than 25 years of orthopedic experience helping hundreds nationwide rediscover the joy of movement when it’s pain-free and injury-free.

Your evaluation consists of two life-changing sessions.

In the first, which is 90 minutes, one of our biomechanical consultants will assess you from head to toe, analyzing your posture, alignment, gait, muscle strength, range of motion, flexibility, and any pain or discomfort you feel in your daily activities. You’ll then receive personalized exercise instructions based on your unique needs.

You’ll also receive written step-by-step guidelines and pictures of the exercises for future use when you return home, plus a dictated narrative detailing each exercise’s purpose and benefit.

In the second session, which is 60 minutes, one of our university-degreed exercise physiologists will make sure you’re performing every exercise correctly. And together you will design your daily home fitness routine based on your goals, interests, and schedule.

The Service Includes: Ninety-minute consultation + Sixty-minute consultation $330.

Behavioral Services

Lifestyle Counseling

Your Appointment

Call Dr Arvon at 305.935.7131, extension 2751, or our Medical Receptionist at extension 2740 to schedule an appointment.

Book a private one-on-one session with our psychotherapist to create your own customized lifestyle-change plan; plus, get detailed guidelines on how to implement it.
Fifty minutes $195

Imago Couples Counseling

Imago Relationship Therapy is a very effective therapy for helping couples enhance their lives together. At Pritikin, the counseling not only helps instill safety, trust, and passion in your relationship, it also increases connective ways to enhance your Pritikin lifestyle together.
Intense ninety-minute session $380

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Get control of – and change – those distressing, irrational thoughts that have kept you from making healthy choices in all areas of your life.
Fifty minutes $195

Worry No More

Learn how to lose your worries and set up a plan that works not only here at Pritikin but also at home.
Fifty minutes $195


Eye Movement Desensitization Re-processing (E.M.D.R.) can help unblock trauma or difficulties interfering with your lifestyle progress.
Ninety minutes $380

Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking is one of the most valuable steps you can take to improve your health. Work one-on-one with our Director of Behavioral Health and Wellness and develop your own customized program. Pritikin is the perfect place to kick the habit; you’re free of familiar triggers that make change difficult. Your new Pritikin Program will help ensure that you won’t gain weight while quitting.
Four sessions $690

Peak Performance for the Athlete

Improve your golf game with psychological and behavioral changes customized for you.
Fifty minutes $195

Group Session Therapy

Compulsive Overeating: Please call for details.

DEXA Body Composition Scan

What your bathroom scale doesn’t tell you…

Your Appointment

Call our Medical Receptionist at 305.935.7131, extension 2740, to schedule an appointment.

Your weight as measured by the scale is far from the whole story…

The scale doesn’t tell you how much muscle mass and body fat you have. It’s important to know because gaining muscle and losing body fat greatly enhances your health and your weight-loss efforts.

The DEXA Body Composition Scan calculates your percentage of lean muscle and body fat from head to toe. With the Pritikin Program, you certainly lose fat. But you also gain lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn – and the quicker you reach the leaner body you want.

More muscle mass means you look better, too – leaner, fitter, more toned – regardless of what the scale says. It’s far healthier to be 220 pounds with a high percentage of muscle tissue than 220 pounds with little muscle.

The DEXA Body Composition Scan is also very motivating. Regardless of what the scale says, you know you’re on the right track. You can feel it, you can see it, and your DEXA results prove it.

If you are staying two weeks or more, you will also receive a free follow-up scan. You’ll actually see the extraordinary effects of the Pritikin Program in each area of your body.

Initial DEXA Body Composition Scan $295.
Follow-up DEXA Body Composition Scan FREE

DEXA Bone Density Testing

Are you at risk of a bone fracture?

Your Appointment

Call our Medical Receptionist at 305.935.7131, extension 2740, to schedule an appointment.

Osteoporosis is characterized by thinning, brittle bones and deterioration of bone tissue, leading to an increased susceptibility to serious fractures of the hip, wrists, spine, and ribs.

Osteoporosis afflicts women and men. It is called the “silent disease” because it is symptom-free until a bone fracture occurs.

With DEXA, the most advanced assessment of bone strength, you and your physician can take steps to treat the disease before you’re at risk of fracture. You will also learn how to prevent bone loss.

No other bone density test can match DEXA for dependability and accuracy.

DEXA Bone density testing $295

Exercise – Personal Training

Do you need additional training?

Your Appointment

Call our Medical Receptionist at 305.935.7131, extension 2740, to schedule an appointment.

Want personal training with one or more of our exercise staff? One-on-one coaching in specific areas such as cardio, strength training, aquatics, Pilates, or yoga?

Sometimes, a little extra attention can make all the difference.

Custom-designed coaching is especially valuable if you have an injury or disability. Our personal trainers are well skilled in helping you avoid discomfort and injuries while at the same time making sure that every time you walk in the gym, you’re getting the best returns for your efforts.

Pritikin personal trainers are great cheerleaders, too! We know it’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself to move. Your trainer will inspire you each step of the way.

As many guests at Pritikin have found, personal training while here at the Center can set you up for long-term success when you return home.

Personal Training In Pilates, Zumba, or Yoga:
Thirty minutes $70 • Sixty minutes $125

Personal Training In All Other Fitness Modes:
Thirty minutes $50 • Sixty minutes $85

Intimal-Medial Thickness (IMT)

How healthy are your arteries?

Your Appointment

Call our Medical Receptionist at 305.935.7131, extension 2740, to schedule an appointment.

IMT is a safe, noninvasive ultrasound test that is one of the best methods for early detection of cardiovascular disease.

An IMT test assesses the thickness and health of the inner wall of the carotid artery (the main artery leading to the brain). Viewing the inner arterial wall is important because that is where atherosclerosis, or heart disease, begins.

Numerous studies have shown that IMT testing can predict a patient’s risk of an acute coronary event, such as a heart attack, with a high degree of accuracy because a patient who has inflammation in the carotid artery tends to have inflammation in the coronary arteries as well.

At Pritikin, many guests track the health of their arteries year after year with IMT testing. Seeing your IMT results improve is a great motivator for staying on track with your heart-healthy lifestyle.

IMT testing $299

Metabolic Rate Testing

Having trouble losing weight?

Your Appointment

Call our Medical Receptionist at 305.935.7131, extension 2740, to schedule your appointment.

Your weight-loss struggles may be related to your resting metabolic rate, or RMR. Your RMR is the number of calories your body naturally burns every day with little or no activity. Everyone’s RMR is different.

Knowledge of your RMR is valuable information. It will help you understand the optimal amount of physical activity you need to achieve and maintain optimal body weight. The very good news is that optimal physical activity will improve your body composition by shedding fat and building muscle, which in turn will improve your RMR, transforming your body into a better fuel-burning machine.

Until now, getting your RMR was costly and inaccessible – available only at research hospitals. But now, convenient, affordable, and accurate testing is at Pritikin.

There’ll be no more guessing about the optimal exercise plan to reach your goals. With your RMR, your exercise leaders can tailor the Pritikin Program to your body.

RMR testing $135

Nutrition Counseling

Setting yourself up for success…

Your Appointment

Call our Nutrition Department at 305.935.7131, extension 2740, to schedule an appointment.

It’s easy to follow the Pritikin Eating Plan while here at Pritikin. But after you leave, then what? Worried about eating out at restaurants? Need more tips for quick, tasty meals? Wonder which products are best to stock your pantry with? Want to set up a customized menu plan? Our registered dietitians, lifelong health enthusiasts, have solutions for virtually every nutritional hurdle.

Jump-start your journey to better health and lifelong weight control. Get a personalized eating plan that you can live with and enjoy. A one-hour session with one of our Pritikin dietitians may be the most important hour you’ve ever spent on your health. That’s certainly how the following guest felt…

“My nutrition counseling session completely changed my attitude! I thought it was impossible to stick to a healthy diet as I don’t cook and eat mostly in restaurants. My Pritikin dietitian showed me you can eat healthy ANYWHERE. His unflagging positive attitude is a real inspiration.” — Jeffrey Mandel, FL

Thirty minutes $95 • Sixty minutes $175

Pritikin At Home

Staying connected…

Pritikin At Home

To register, talk to your Program Coordinator or Click Here. It takes just 5 minutes.

Sign up for follow-up phone consultations with your doctors, dietitians, chefs, exercise leaders, and psychologists at Pritikin.

Need help breaking through a plateau? Want advice about a recent blood test? Need a pep talk from your exercise leader? Or just looking for tips on a recipe you’re trying? Expert advice from our Pritikin professionals is always available by phone. Start planning for tomorrow today, while you’re still at Pritikin, by calling your Program Coordinator to set up your first at-home phone consultation. You can also arrange a regular program, for example, weekly phone counseling from your doctor. Never feel alone. We’re always just a phone call away.

Fees vary depending on professional + frequency of consultations.

Pritikin At Home Membership

For fewer than $10 a month, you can be part of a vast new online world that’s all about helping you feel better, look better, and live better. You’ll:

  • Connect with Pritikin friends worldwide
  • Have fun in forums moderated by our doctors, dietitians, and other faculty at Pritikin
  • Keep track of your weight and exercise progress
  • Get new food tips and recipes daily
  • Learn from the Pritikin experts in video workshops and webinars exclusively for Pritikin At Home members
  • And much more

Pritikin At Home gives you everything you need to make a healthy Pritikin life your life. Click here to get started.

Pritikin Foods — To Go!

Tasty, healthy food — so easy

Get Pritikin Foods — To Go!

Set up your home eating plan before you leave.

Call our Restaurant Manager at 305.935.7131, extension 2717, or our Executive Chef at extension 2714, or order online from the Pritikin Store.

To make Pritikin living as easy as possible, the chefs at Pritikin have created several home delivery food plans. You’re sure to find one that fits your personal lifestyle…

Pritikin Packaged Foods

(Available Nationwide)
Pritikin packaged foods, such as canned soups, are available in our Pritikin Store, in grocery stores nationwide, and online in the Pritikin Store. Or call (800) 327-4914.

Pritikin Frozen Foods

(Overnight Delivery Available Nationwide)
Pritikin Frozen Foods are delivered straight to your home or office. Our chefs at Pritikin prepare everything. Try soups like Heirloom Bean, entrees like Vegetable Pizza and Roasted Bison, and desserts like Mango Parfait. On the weekly plan, you’ll receive lunches (soups and main courses) and dinners (soups, salad dressings, entrées, and desserts). Or you can order a la carte.


Sleep Disorders Evaluation + Treatment

Getting back to a good night’s sleep…

Your Appointment

Call our Medical Receptionist at 305.935.7131, extension 2740, to schedule your appointment.

A good night’s sleep is vital for our health and can even help us lose excess weight.

A condition called obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is particularly harmful to the heart. Controlling sleep apnea has priceless benefits, including improved blood pressure, improved diabetes control, more daytime energy, and the ability to shed excess pounds more easily.

To confirm a diagnosis of sleep apnea, you’d normally need to spend the night in a sleep clinic. At Pritikin, overnight testing is easily set up in your hotel room. The test also indicates possible treatments, which may include CPAP Rx, a highly effective treatment for controlling sleep apnea.

Your Pritikin specialist may discover that your sleep disturbance is caused by something other than sleep apnea. Whatever the cause, we can help you get to the root of the problem – and get back to the many rewards of a long, restful night’s sleep.

Fees depend on the diagnosis. Services may be covered by insurance.

State-Of-The-Art Diagnostic Testing Of Your Heart + Circulation

Every picture tells a story…

Your Appointment

Call our Medical Receptionist at 305.935.7131, extension 2740, to schedule your appointment.

The newest, most scientifically advanced diagnostic tools can detect cardiovascular disease in its early stages, sometimes years before a heart attack or stroke occurs. These tools are now at Pritikin.

When it comes to heart disease, it’s what you don’t know that can hurt you. With Pritikin’s testing, you can actually see what your arteries look like. Utilizing these tests, your doctor will prescribe the most appropriate intervention.

And seeing the build-up of plaque in your own arteries can fire you up, like never before, to exercise and eat well. Pritikin’s testing, which involves new vascular ultrasound technology, is noninvasive and completely safe. There is no pain, no radiation, no iodine, and no claustrophobic MRI experiences.

The testing will provide you with sharp, exquisite images of your:

  • Carotid arteries, to evaluate blood flow and identify any blockages or plaque;
  • Beating heart, to assess any valve leaks and narrowing;
  • Abdominal aorta, to evaluate blood flow and if you have plaque or aneurysms;
  • Legs’ arteries (especially important for diabetics), to assess blood flow and identify plaques.

Inquire about special convenience packages.

Vitamin D

Are you deficient? Your Pritikin physician can order a blood test to find out…

Your Appointment

Call our Medical Receptionist at 305.935.7131, extension 2740, to schedule your appointment.

Vitamin D deficiency is strongly linked to bone loss and increased risk of fractures. To preserve bone, The Endocrine Society recommends that blood levels of vitamin D be at least 30 ng/mL. The physicians and dietitians at Pritikin agree.

Higher levels, in the range of 40 to 50 ng/mL, may also be beneficial for pregnant women and for the prevention of cancer, pneumonia, dementia, and cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, hypertension, and diabetes. But the data are observational and therefore not yet conclusive. Toxicity has been observed at blood levels higher than 100 ng/mL.

Our primary goal here at Pritikin regarding vitamin D is making sure you are reaching sufficient levels to help keep your bones strong. And certainly, many of the lifestyle improvements you are making with the Pritikin Program also contribute to bone health.

CAUTION: Calling vitamin D the “sunshine vitamin” is misleading. Sunshine alone cannot be assumed to deliver sufficient vitamin D, especially if you live in the northern states, but many people in the south are also deficient. Moreover, few foods contain vitamin D. Some fish (such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel) and dairy and/or soymilks contain modest amounts. But for many people, it is difficult to get adequate amounts of vitamin D from dietary sources alone.

To determine if your blood levels of vitamin D are sufficient, your Pritikin physician can order a blood test. The fee for this test is $135.

If testing shows you are deficient in vitamin D, your physician will prescribe appropriate supplementation to correct the deficiency. Do keep in mind that increases in blood levels of vitamin D may take a long time – several months, maybe a year. To monitor your progress, have your vitamin D level tested at least twice a year.

Pritikin Health Resort

Take life to the next level, and be all that you can be. That’s what a vacation at Pritikin is all about. Live better. Look better. And best of all, feel better.

All-Inclusive Program

Since 1975, 100,000+ people have come to Pritikin. We are the longest-running, most scientifically documented health resort in America.

Rooms and Suites

Our guest rooms at the health resort are spacious, serene, and amenity-rich. Each has gorgeous views of tropical gardens or golf courses.

Eugenia Killoran

Senior Editor & Writer

Eugenia Killoran has been the food and fitness journalist for the Pritikin Program since 1992. She has published more than 3,000 articles, lectures, and book chapters on a wide variety of healthy living and weight-loss topics.

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