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Healthy Habits for Families

The more preparation you do, the more you reduce the temptation to pick up the phone and dial for greasy, salty take-out just because “there’s nothing else in the house to eat.”

The Media Influence on Teen Diets

The images we see in the media distort reality. The average model in the fashion industry weighs approximately 120 pounds, while the average American woman weighs 169 pounds, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. This disparity leads consumers to believe they are overweight, when in reality, they are average. This, in turn, can…

Family Health Camp

For kids, the Pritikin Family Health Camp delivers superb, scientifically-documented health and weight-loss results. And the entire family enjoys vacation-style fun.

Children at Pritikin

Children of all ages enjoy the Pritikin Family Health Camp and Kids Camp at Trump.

When considering a health vacation at the Pritikin Center, one of the first things many people ask is, “What about my children? Can they come with me?” Yes! Every summer we conduct the Pritikin Family Health Camp, and year-round there’s an on-site Kids Camp. So go ahead and plan your Pritikin health vacation, kids and all. Enjoy healthy, delicious food created by our award-winning chefs. Learn how to become a healthy chef yourself. Exercise under the guidance of board-certified physicians. Shed weight. Get your blood pressure and other heart disease risk factors under control. And develop a whole new zest for life. Your kids won’t recognize you.

High Cholesterol In Children

Kids with High Cholesterol

There is a lot of attention these days on our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic, and that’s a very good thing. But it’s not just overweight children who are in trouble. Many U.S. children, both thin and overweight, have high cholesterol levels. From the faculty at the renowned Pritikin health and weight-loss resort, learn how to reverse it.

Weight Loss, Family Style

Family Weight Loss Program at the Pritikin Family Health Camp

Can the family that gains together lose together? Timothy Gower finds out. Priscilla Marquard was resolute: Her family was going to eat healthier than she did as a kid. “Being American, I ate McDonald’s. Being Southern, I ate fried food,” she recalls in the soft drawl that betrays her Georgia upbringing

Healthy Habits, Smarter Kids?

Healthy Habits Create Smarter Kids

There’s plenty of research showing that healthy eating habits and daily exercise can help children shed extra weight and improve heart health. Research is now finding that this same healthy lifestyle may be good for their minds.

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