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9 Steps For Improving Heart Health Naturally

Improve heart health naturally

The neighbor’s dog is barking at 3 am. The checkout line at the grocery store is 12 people deep. Your car’s battery just died. Your mother called with troubling news about her health. How do you react to each of the above? Are you calm or crazy? When life’s hurdles get the best of us, it can contribute to everything from irritable bowel syndrome to heart disease.

Personality Secrets For Living To 100

Battista Locatelli shares his secrets for longevity that could have you living to 100.

Spend a day with 80-year-old Battista Locatelli (though you’ll probably have one helluva time keeping up with him), and there’s a very good chance you’ll learn everything you need to know about living long and well. It’s all about nurturing a healthy body and mind, affirms new research.

Anger Management | 9 Key Steps

Tips to Improve Anger Management

There’s much we can do to minimize anger and, in doing so, calm both body and mind. “From a mental health perspective, there may be nothing more important for protecting health and preserving peace of mind,” states behavioral psychologist Coral Arvon, PhD, who teaches healthy mind classes at Pritikin, a health and weight-loss resort in Miami, Florida.

#1 Tip For a Better Body and Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Weight Loss

There’s no question that epidemic numbers of Americans are struggling with obesity and health issues like high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and diabetes. What is questionable is how to attack the problem. New science sheds new light.

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