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Does Angioplasty Work?

Does angioplasty work? It's a common fix for chest pain and clogged arteries.

The plaques within arteries that trigger the vast majority of heart attacks do not significantly impede blood flow. In fact, an angiogram report would likely describe them as plaque build-up that is “insignificant” or “nonobstructive,” or “minimal atherosclerosis.”

Swollen Feet and Heart Failure | Lifestyle Remedies

Swollen Feet Risk Heart Failure

“Typically, reducing salt intake and eating healthier foods, which we teach at the Pritikin Longevity Center, can reduce fluid retention not only in the feet and ankles but also in the lungs. In fact, many people with heart failure who begin living Pritikin-style no longer need their diuretic pills,” notes Dr, Jay Kenney, PhD, RD, nutrition researcher and educator at Pritikin.

9 Steps For Improving Heart Health Naturally

Improve heart health naturally

The neighbor’s dog is barking at 3 am. The checkout line at the grocery store is 12 people deep. Your car’s battery just died. Your mother called with troubling news about her health. How do you react to each of the above? Are you calm or crazy? When life’s hurdles get the best of us, it can contribute to everything from irritable bowel syndrome to heart disease.

How To Prevent a Second Heart Attack

Learn How To Prevent A Heart Attack

Act now. It could save your life. According to the American Heart Association, one of four men and one of three women who survive a heart attack will die within the following year, most often of cardiac arrest or another heart attack. Consider an intensive cardiac rehabilitation program, like the one at the Pritikin Longevity Center. It will teach you, under the careful supervision of board-certified physicians, how to eat well, exercise well, and live well, and in doing so, help prevent a second heart attack.

How do I know if I have heart disease?

How Do You Know If You Have Heart Disease?

How do I know if I have heart disease? It’s a simple question, but difficult to answer. That’s because the damage to coronary arteries that leads to plaque growth, or atherosclerosis, is generally for a long time a silent disease. For years, indeed, decades, most of us feel no pain. Nothing is telling us that…

What To Do After Angioplasty

Learn what do you do after Angioplasty to live a life free of heart disease.

After angioplasty, people tend to think, “I’m fixed.” But they often end up back in the ER for heart attacks, and worse. Read John Fisher’s amazing story. Learn how to live heart-disease-free for years and years to come.

Fat, Inflammatory Cytokines and Cardiovascular Disease

Inflammatory Cytokines

Scientists used to think that fat was simply fat – a dormant roll of flab. But now they’re discovering that fat cells are actually very active factories. They can pump out loads of dangerous chemicals, like inflammatory cytokines. Can we slow these factories down?

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