Twitter Talk: #FITvsFOOD Round Two

Is hitting the gym more important than making healthy eating choices?

The Pritikin Longevity Center & David Barton Gym have teamed up to answer some questions about how and why fitness and a healthy diet are both key to living a long and healthy life. Welcome to the final round of the #FITvsFOOD face off!

In one corner we have @DavidBartonGym in the other, we have @PritikinCenter

  • What exactly is BMR is and why should I know what mine is?

    David Barton Gym: Basal metabolic rate is how many calories your body consumes at rest, knowing this helps when making exercise & diet adjustments.

  • How do I calculate my BMR?

    David Barton Gym: To calculate a baseline BMR multiply your body weight times 11 if sedentary, 12 for moderate activity, or 13 if highly active.

  • On a similar note, how should I calculate how many calories I should eat a day to achieve my fitness goals?

    Pritikin: Don»t calculate calories! Pay attention to your hunger signals – they are more reliable!

  • What should I eat before going to the gym? Is it different if strength training or doing cardio?

    Pritikin: This varies by person – some people know that if they don’t eat, they won’t feel well during their workout. Other people feel worse if they eat before.

  • Are there certain dietary guidelines athletes should follow vs. sedentary people?

    Pritikin: They should eat the same healthy food but their exercise habits will make them hungrier so they will need more fuel.

  • I’m concerned about Osteoporosis what’s the best way to improve my bone density?

    David Barton Gym: Weight bearing activity is the number 1 way to build strong bones along with a diet rich in calcium, vitamin D, & clean proteins

  • So can I bulk up by just lifting weights?

    David Barton Gym: No. Packing on muscle requires hard work in the gym & in the kitchen. Diet & exercise go hand in hand no matter what your goal is.

  • After a hard workout all I want is junk food! What is a better alternative that will help me beat the cravings?

    Pritikin: The craving comes from not eating well all day, going too long w/out eating, or not eating enough fruit & then craving sweets

  • How important are the numbers- calories, weight, etc?

    Pritikin: So NOT IMPORTANT! Judge your success on how you feel & how you look

  • What exercise moves can help me get killer abs for the summer?

    David Barton Gym: Lift no more than your body weight; concentrate on varying angles. 4 sets of 20 reps 3 times per week is typically enough. Stay away from side bends with weights, choose a side plank instead for tightening up those love handles.

    Pritikin: From a nutritional perspective, killer abs come from being lean, so watch the fats and the salt!

David Barton Gym: We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how & why exercise & diet go together like floating like a butterfly & stinging like a bee.

Pritikin: Thanks for tuning in!

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