Complete Your Weight-Loss Journey With a Wardrobe Transformation

Perfecting your wardrobe after weight-loss can help you feel confident.

Perfecting your wardrobe after weight-loss can help you feel confident.

A weight-loss transformation takes place both inside and out. It is mental, emotional and physical and for some people, one of the most difficult parts of losing weight can be figuring out how to pair your wardrobe and new figure with a style that works.

This year, Pritikin Longevity Center is enlisting the support of fashion stylist Sofia Silveyra to help you reach your goals and feel confident in your appearance. 

Completing the Transformation 

One of the biggest triumphs for guests leaving Pritikin is saying goodbye to shopping in plus size stores or sections. As you begin to notice a change in your waistband and start to consider the closet you're returning to, there may be the lingering question of what to wear with your new shape.

Stylist Sofia Sylveira her sense of fashion to Pritikin.Stylist Sofia Silveyra brings her sense of fashion to Pritikin.

Beginning in mid-January, Silveyra will be hosting a bi-weekly "Style File" question and answer series on Friday afternoons at Pritikin. With a background in commercial, print and private clients, Silveyra knows the answers to some of the most difficult wardrobe conundrums. Silveyra says that her efforts with private clients are much different than her other work. These are people who have gone through a major life transition such as landing a new job or getting married or losing a lot of weight, like our guests at Pritikin.

After such a transition, adults young and old, new moms and people of all walks of life may become nervous that they must clear out their entire closet and start over. It's common to feel uncomfortable in their own skin for sometime, unsure of what to wear or how to wear it.

"And that's where I come in," said Silveyra. "You don't have to get rid of your whole wardrobe. I can help you put together outfits for your new lifestyle with pieces that you already own! You don't need an entirely new image, it's just about finding the right pieces."

With a sharp eye for flattering yet trendy outfits, this fashion connoisseur shows her clients how to take the items of clothing that they already have and turn them into complementary outfits. And now, she's bringing her expertise to your weight-loss retreat center.

The Rule is That There Are No Rules

With the knowledge of how to work your wardrobe to suit your figure, style and body type, Silveyra believes that everyone can feel poised, confident and beautiful when they walk out the door in the morning. But that look, she explained, is different for everyone.

"I don't believe there are the same go-to, staple wardrobe pieces for everyone," said Silveyra. "Maybe for you it's a black dress and for me it's black leggings. In order to be happy and to succeed, it's about knowing what looks good on you. It has nothing to do with the rules."

"All it takes to break the rules of fashion is confidence."

Even the few fast and hard rules such as no white after Labor Day can be broken as soon as there's a little bit of confidence, she explained. It's not about the rules or the rule book but about finding that self-assurance and attitude that helps you look great in anything.

"Once you have that confidence, you can wear stripes, you can wear patterns, you can wear anything," said Silveyra. 

Fashion Consultations

Initially during her consultations, clients are generally apprehensive and unsure of their attire and the outfit choices they make. Silveyra arrives and goes through the drawers and closets with them, sorting through all of the clothing that can be kept and highlighting a few main pieces that can work every day. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of wardrobe organization for clients to realize all of the options for style and comfort they really do have. She will also help with shopping, if need be.

This beginning phase of a transition is when they need her most, Silveyra explained. After they see how nice they can look with this refurbished wardrobe, they gain confidence.

This year, transform your health and your wardrobe at Pritikin.This year, transform your health and your wardrobe at Pritikin.

"The best thing about these styling consultations is that after a few sessions with me, they can do it on their own," she said. "Often, it's never occurred to my clients that they can wear this or that but pretty quickly, they realize they can! And Pritikin guests can find the same thing."

No matter what phase of the weight-loss journey you are at, you can still look great, she said.

"I do think that it's great that while you are there at Pritikin, you can achieve the other side of the transformation as well, " Silveyra explained. "It's hard to lose weight but if you look at yourself in the mirror and you have the right colors and the right clothes you feel wonderful…and that's how it's all connected!"

After the sessions, Silveyra will be available at an additional cost for private one-on-one consultations. This service will be available to Pritikin guests both during their stay and remotely via Skype once they return home.

"I am excited to begin at Pritikin," she said. "It is so nice because you can see the transformation immediately."

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