Twitter Talk: Tips for Eating Out

On Thursday, October 10th 2013, Miami and Beaches hosted a Twitter Party inviting The Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa to answer questions on ways to Be Healthy. Please read on for the questions and answers to some easy tips from our nutritionist, Kimberly Gomer:

  • What are the top 3 foods you recommend to someone dining out?
    • Salad with balsamic vinegar, lemon, or red wine vinegar & Splenda
    • Steamed Veggies – no salt or oil/butter
    • Baked Potato or Baked Sweet Potato with fat-free sour cream
    • Grilled Fish prepared without fat or salt

  • What are 3 foods you should avoid at all costs?

    We teach our guests to avoid:

    • Anything fried
    • Any added fats – Olive Oil, Butter, Margarine, Salad Dressing, Bacon
    • Cheese

  • Is it more important to avoid the bread basket or the dessert menu?

    It’s easier to have a bite of dessert vs. a bite of bread. People start eating bread and that makes the rest of the meal go poorly.

  • 4.Which is the healthiest type of ethnic food? Least healthy?

    Almost any food can be made Perfectly Pritikin – watch for added sauces, etc..

  • Are there any restaurants you’d recommend in particular?

    Seafood restaurants are usually a good choice, as long as you stick to the ordering guidelines I mentioned! I also love Juice & Java and Miami Juice.

  • Mythbuster: what food myth drives you crazy?

    Great question- our in house physicians get asked about these myths all the time! Allow me to name a few!

    • The best way to lose weight is to calorie count & portion control your food
      (It’s the worst way – that’s why so many people fail at diets).
    • The idea you need “healthy fats” to lose weight.
    • That avocado is a great food for weight loss.
    • That olive oil is better for weight loss compared to other oils.
    • That nuts are a healthy snack for weight loss.
    • That you need to drink 8 glasses of water every day.
    • That protein bars are good for weight loss.

  • What about drinking with dinner? Is that off the table?

    One drink (5 ozs of wine, a 12 oz beer, or 1 oz of hard liquor is Perfectly Pritikin.
    But if you’re trying to lose weight, it can stimulate appetite leading to unhealthy dinner choices.

  • Are there any foods you always have in your pantry?

    Condiments are vital – low sodium salsa, a few balsamic vinegars (like pear, fig), low-sodium beans, brown rice, & no-salt added canned corn.
    We always have Pritikin spices on hand on our property, and they can also be ordered online

  • Any quick fixes for someone who overeats at dinner?

    Take a walk after dinner and get right back on track. The worst thing to do is try to overcompensate with fasting or over-exercising.

  • What would the ideal breakfast, lunch, dinner look like?
    • Breakfast – oatmeal / fresh fruit
    • Lunch – big salad, steamed veggies baked potato or sweet potato topped with some beans (or beans/brown rice), yogurt/fruit parfait
    • Dinner – any soup (homemade without added salt), grilled fish, grilled veggies, tomato salad, corn on the cob, fresh fruit

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