Pritikin Recipes and Meals

The nutritional focus of the Pritikin Program is not elements like carbs or fat. Our focus is food, healthy food like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and seafood. Nothing we recommend is extreme, except that our recommendations are extremely healthy.

You’ll never go hungry on the Pritikin Program! And finding new recipes to support your new lifestyle has never been easier.

  • 14-Day Pritikin Menu Plan

    Jumpstart your Pritikin Program and start seeing results right away. Your meal plan details food for the entire day, from breakfast to evening dessert. Follow it to a “T,” or be creative! Pick and choose what’s best for you, then round out the rest of your day with your own personal choices. We’ll even give you tips for using leftovers. You’ll learn to make healthy food choices without counting calories or complicated calculations. It’s a program you can live with. Print your shopping list, and let’s get started!

  • Recipe Finder

    Explore hundreds of recipes developed in the Pritikin Cooking School. It’s easy to put a quick meal together. Get ideas for fresh salads, hearty entrees, and delicious desserts. At Pritikin we focus not only on healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and seafood but also on calorie density — which means you’re getting a lot of food, but not a lot of calories. You’ll never have to feel guilty about having an extra serving of Chef Anthony’s Banana Ginger Parfait. It’s all good for you — and your waistline!

  • Recipe Search

    Sometimes you’re looking for something specific. Perhaps you’ve just returned from the market with fresh blueberries. We make finding the perfect recipe easy. Just enter your favorite ingredient, and we’ll give you some great suggestions. Oh, and about those blueberries: you’re gonna love Chef Anthony’s Banana Blueberry Ripple “Ice Cream.”

  • My Favorite Recipes

    Start your own online “recipe box” of your favorite Pritikin recipes, and bookmark recipes to easily access them later. Just click “Add to Favorites” on any recipe and you’ll be able to access it again in a flash. You can even share your reviews of recipes and get feedback from other at-home cooks who have prepared the same recipes in their own kitchens.

  • Menus & Meal Plans

    Want ideas for a gourmet dinner party? Quick and easy weekday menus? Kid-friendly recipes? Or simply need a little inspiration? (What cook doesn’t?)

  • Recipe Makeover

    Do you have a favorite recipe that you just know is a real waistline killer? Want to give it a Recipe Makeover and make it lighter, much healthier, but still very very tasty? You can! Each week, our award-winning executive chef Anthony Stewart will choose one recipe and perform his magical skills on it. You won’t believe the results.

  • Your Questions Answered

    Get personal help directly from the Pritikin Center. Have a question about a recipe? Want to try your own recipe makeover? Or just looking for a new idea for dinner? Your MyPritikin membership is your direct link to Chef Anthony, the Pritikin Nutritionists, and the entire culinary team at Pritikin. Post your questions in the Pritikin Forum and get the help you need. You’ll never be stuck for dinner ideas again!

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