À La Carte Services

In addition to our core all-inclusive program, we offer à la carte services to guests seeking enhanced, personalized services.

Behavioral Services

Stress can make lifestyle changes difficult. Whether you’re experiencing a current stressor, have difficulty coping with ongoing stressors, or are adjusting to a recent diagnosis, we can help you learn new cognitive-behavioral techniques to improve coping and help reduce stress.

Strengthen your motivation to change with a motivational enhancement session. Engage in an opportunity to openly discuss mixed feelings about changing your lifestyle that are a normal and expected part of the change process, and attempt to tip the scale in favor of long-term change.

Develop your own customized program to quit smoking. Pritikin is the perfect place to kick the habit; you’re free of familiar triggers that make change difficult. The Pritikin Program will also help reduce the likelihood of weight gain while quitting.

Culinary Services

Pritikin chefs will customize a personalized, private cooking class to your specific lifestyle.

Learn how to get strategic in the kitchen by following our chef’s advice. Tips and tricks will be tailored to your wants and needs as your chef focuses in on your particular cooking style and provides you with advice on how to streamline your techniques. Please note that these consultations do not involve cooking.

A one hour do-it-yourself session under the tutelage of one of our experienced chefs. Prepare simple, easy recipes which will serve you well when you get home.

Medical Testing

Fitness Services

The first session, you will spend 2½ hours with our Physical Therapist who will assess you from head to toe, analyzing your posture, alignment, gait, muscle strength, range of motion, flexibility, and any pain or discomfort you feel in your daily activities. You’ll then receive personalized exercise instructions, including photographs, based on your unique needs. The second session, you will spend 1 hour with your Exercise Physiologist who will make sure you’re performing every exercise correctly.

This fitness evaluation assesses your current aerobic, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility capacities. This full assessment provides the basis of your personalized Pritikin Exercise Prescription Program.

Your weight-loss struggles may be related to your resting metabolic rate, or RMR. Your RMR is the number of calories your body naturally burns every day with little or no activity. Everyone’s RMR is different. There’ll be no more guessing about the optimal exercise plan to reach your goals. With your RMR, your exercise physiologists can tailor the Pritikin Program to your body.

You’ll enjoy multiple rewards with a Pritikin personal training session. One-on-one, your trainer will guide you with an exercise plan designed specifically for you. As you shed body fat and achieve higher levels of fitness, your trainer will continually adjust your program so that every time you set foot in the gym, you’re getting the best returns for your efforts.

V02 Max is a test that reports how much oxygen your body uses during exercise at a maximum effort. This test calculates how well the heart and lungs work to deliver oxygen and energy to your working muscles during maximum exercise. This is one of the most accurate tests available that determines your health and fitness levels.
Being able to develop your unique workout plan is one of the key benefits of a V02 Max Test. You will be able to use the test data to develop customized training without getting injured or overtrained.

Medical Services

Using digital ultrasound technology we will be able to determine the levels of flow and diameters of your abdominal aorta. The aorta is the major arterial distribution highway for the core of your body and is the main culprit for aneurysmal disease causing thousands of deaths, despite a lack of warning symptoms.

This exam images the major arteries supplying blood to the brain and identifies at a highly sensitive location any development of plaque formation.

We will evaluate function of the beating heart, imaging noninvasively your heart muscle and valves of the heart. We will also define both contractile and relaxation phases of the heartbeat as well as function of the heart valves.

This test visualizes the arteries of the lower extremities to detect whether peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is developing. PAD, common among people with diabetes, is often, but not always, characterized by leg pain. Having PAD dramatically increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Lower limb circulatory disease is one of the main pathologies affecting individuals suffering from many diseases including diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity, but goes largely unchecked.

Using our digital ultrasound technology we will be able to determine levels of vascular flow throughout the lower limbs and determine specific plaque build ups at target regions within the arterial system of the legs, giving you an overall understanding of vascular disorder and risk factors within your body.

This test measures the wall of the carotid arteries, correlating with the effects of hypertension or the earliest identification of the atherosclerotic process. It may be used as a predictor of the development of this disorder in the remainder of the body’s arterial circulation, including the coronary arteries of the heart.

Using our digital ultrasound technology we will be able to determine levels of vascular flow throughout the lower limbs and determine specific plaque build ups at target regions within the arterial system of the legs, giving you an overall understanding of vascular disorder and risk factors within your body.

This is Pritikin’s most complete cardiovascular imaging package. It includes: carotid, abdominal aorta, lower arterial, cardiac echo, IMT. Using cutting edge digital ultrasound technology, imaging will begin with your heart and follow all the major arteries and vessels within your abdomen and lower extremities to provide you with a complete analysis of your cardiovascular health.

This cardiovascular package examines all the major arteries within your body in order to provide you with a complete analysis of your arterial system and its performance.

This cardiovascular test uses the carotid artery to isolate and identify any plaque at all during a specific timeline of pathology. Pritikin includes an intimal medial thickness test with this specific package in order to identify your risk factors for coronary and cardiovascular disease using your specific physical profile and imaging.

Nutritional Services

Jumpstart your journey to better health and lifelong weight control. Get a personalized eating plan that you can live with and enjoy. A one-hour session with one of our Pritikin nutritionists may be the most important hour you’ve ever spent on your health.

Pritikin At Home

You’ve returned home from your life-changing stay at Pritikin and need some help staying on track? We’ll provide the support and help keep you accountable in order for you to achieve your health goals. We have the answers to your questions with regards to dining out, food shopping, and more.

One 30 Minute Remote Consultation, which is available by either phone or videoconference, and uses a virtual training application designed for fitness review, adjustments, and ongoing consultation for guests to access from the comfort of their own home.

Customize your stay.

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By combining the Pritikin Program with Ozempic, Wegovy, or ZepBound, you can safely accelerate weight loss, reduce side effects, preserve lean body mass, and enhance long-term metabolic health for optimal success.