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Studies published in medical journals have documented the Pritikin Program’s success in helping thousands worldwide. A stay at Pritikin has drastically improved our guests’ lives.
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Source: Journal of Applied Physiology
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Cholesterol & Triglycerides

Analyses of 4,587 guests at Pritikin for 3-weeks showed an average 33% drop in triglycerides & 23% drop in total, HDL & LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.1


Inflammation is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Within a few weeks at Pritikin, guests had dramatic drops in C-reactive protein (45% in women, 39% in men, 41% in children). 4,5,6

Insulin Resistance & Blood Glucose

Insulin levels fell 46% in men at Pritikin, a significant decline in insulin resistance in 3-weeks. Analysis showed 76% reduced their fasting blood glucose & 72% of type II diabetics no longer needed insulin. 2,3

Blood Pressure

Within 3-weeks of beginning the Pritikin Program, blood pressure dropped an average of 9% among 1,117 hypertensive guests & many reduced or eliminated their need for medications.7

"I did my blood work and I couldn't believe my results. Low cholesterol, low triglycerides, low blood sugar, low BMI. I'm pain free!"

Dr. Alina Dellanzo

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Healthy, Long-Term Weight Loss

Within 2-weeks at Pritikin, studies show guests reduce their body weight & waist circumference. Obesity is associated with a variety of chronic diseases, including hypertension, diabetes & certain cancers.

The most comprehensive study of long-term weight loss ever conducted, the National Weight Control Registry, found that the vast majority of its nearly 4,500 successful people followed a program, like Pritikin, that involved daily exercise & an eating plan low in fat & high in fiber-rich carbohydrates, such as fruits & vegetables. The members lost, on average, 66 pounds & at a 6-year follow-up they had kept it off.8

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"I started this plan 178 days ago, and I lost a total of 114 pounds. I feel great."

Stan Chlebowski

Healthy weight loss

Among 4,587 adults, men lost on average 11 lbs & women lost 7 lbs within 3-weeks of starting the Pritikin Program.9


A follow up of 69 people with type 2 diabetes who lost on average 10 lbs during a 26-day stay at Pritikin, found they had maintained the weight loss & lost even more 2-3 years later.10

Keep It Off

In a study of 64 people with heart disease, their weight reduced from 174 lbs to 163 lbs in 26 days at Pritikin. At a follow-up 5-years later, their average weight remained at 163 lbs.11

"It's good for the body, for the soul, for the heart, for the head. It works on every part of your body."


Your Risks


Researchers found a low-fat, high fiber diet & exercise program, like Pritikin, reduced risk factors of breast cancer in women.12


Analysis of 167,946 type II diabetics noted a healthy lifestyle, like Pritikin, lowers risk of dementia.13


A follow-up study of 64 heart patients found that 68% of those who had eliminated their angina (chest pain) with the Pritikin Program were still angina-free 5 years later. Evidence shows a healthy lifestyle can impact lower back pain.14,15

Erectile Dysfunction

Analysis of 21,469 men found those who ate a healthy diet, similar to Pritikin, had lower risk of developing erectile dysfunction.16

"I’m sure if I hadn’t come to Pritikin, I’d be following in my father’s footprints - diabetes & hypertension."


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Your Longevity

Better quality of life

The Health, Aging & Body Composition study found eating a diet focused on nutritious food (like Pritikin) is associated with better quality of life as we age.17

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"I want to see my grandchildren grow."

Derek Moreland

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"Pritikin is my safe space."

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“It’s not too late. Regardless of where you are, you can improve your longevity and live healthier longer.”

Danine Fruge, MD, ABFP
Medical Director, Pritikin Longevity Center
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