The Pritikin Program

Discover a better way

A one-of-a-kind experience to transform your health

Wherever you are in your journey, come make a plan to reach your goals. Go farther than you’ve dreamed alongside the most collaborative team of wellness experts.


Advice that comes from getting to know you

More than coaching: our team of Physicians get to know you through one-on-one consultations, luncheons & workshops. We believe in inspiring change through compassionate, evidence-based, interactive healthcare – we’re here to support you reach your goals faster.

Dr. Hafiz
Tariq Hafiz, MD, FACC, ABIM Medical Director & Cardiologist
name 2
Maria Teresa Anton, MD Endocrinologist & Educator
name 3
Marianela Areces, MD Cardiologist & Educator
name 4
Norman Blum, MD, FACP Physician & Educator

"The only health retreat where together, experts (Physicians, Registered Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists) help you live a better life."


Discover a better way to eat

The Pritikin Eating Plan

Minimally Processed:

Incredibly delicious food is possible without added salt, sugar or fat.

Whole Foods:

It’s easy to sustain your eating plan when you learn how to easily prepare whole foods.


Eating nutrient-rich foods promotes health, longevity & hinder disease progression.

Mostly Plant-based:

Evidence-based plant-rich eating with healthy amounts of lean animal protein, such as fish.


Be inspired to transform the way you eat for good. Alongside engaging experts, master the know-how to sustain your personalized eating plan - never diet again.

Cooking School

Master kitchen skills to transform the way you cook with this interactive, hands-on cooking experience with our Executive Chef.

Cook with Confidence

Grow your confidence to prepare healthier meals at home in this culinary experience where you get to do the cooking.

Master Recipes

Transform your favorite recipe into a healthier one & discover new crave-worthy meals.


Culinary Experience

Incredible changes happen when immersed by nutritious, delicious food. Come dine on our tropical veranda or in our beautiful dining room.

Transform Your Taste Buds

From beautiful breakfasts & lunch buffets to full-service gourmet dinners, enjoy unlimited healthy food that’ll reset your taste buds to crave healthier foods.

Experience Healthy Change

Eating healthy meals & snacks often results in guests experiencing significant changes in their blood work, energy levels & other benefits.


Nutrition Workshops & Excursions

Nourish your body without compromising satisfaction. Get practical advice from our Registered Dieticians in workshops & excursions.

Shop Smarter

Develop real-life skills, such as label reading, so you can create crave worthy healthy food at home.

Gain Food Clarity

Uncover myths about dieting & build confidence to help you succeed in sustaining healthier eating habits for life.

“I got off my medications.”
B. Picone
Biff Picone

Discover a Better Way to Exercise

The Pritikin Exercise Plan

Work with the Pros:

Our Exercise Physiologists & Fitness Experts are specialists trained to create highly effective, science-backed exercise plans that are motivating & pain-free.

Personalized Plans:

No matter your body’s level of ability, with a personalized exercise plan helps you maximize results, avoid injury & plateaus.

Functional Training:

Our specialists build exercise plans that improve your ability to do everyday movements (& favorite activities) with ease.

Innovative Technology:

Insights into how your body is built & responds to exercise allows our specialists to fine-tune your plan to optimize your results.

Do More than You Dreamed Possible.

You’ll quickly discover a stronger, healthier you with tailored, expert-designed movements to enhance strength, endurance & flexibility.

Personalized Training

Go beyond what you dreamed possible with one-on-one & structured small group exercise classes supported by our expert Exercise Physiologists.

Designed for You

Insights from Biomechanical & Functional Assessments enables our experts to uniquely customize your exercise program so results come quickly.

Small-Group Advantage

Something special happens when you are surrounded by like-abled people & our motivating specialists mentoring & fine-tuning your movements.


Much More than a Gym Class

Stretch your possibilities & reach new heights in a supportive environment designed to get results.

Measurable Results

Be able to see your progress with help from advanced technology, including 3D Body Scans.

Splash, Breathe & More

Over 40 elective exercise classes (yoga, spinning, aquatics, Pilates, meditation), interactive workshops & excursions to beautiful south-Florida locations are waiting here for you.


Elevate Your Life

Imagine what you will accomplish with an entire team of physicians, fitness expert & therapists working collaboratively to help you get results – all here, in one place.

Overcome Hurdles

Move physical or medical boundaries out of the way with help from our physicians & Physical Therapists. Gain strategies to overcome hurdles from our Psychologists.

Stay Inspired

At home, as you continue to progress your exercise plan evolves along with you. Remote Coaching opportunities allow you to continue to work with our exercise specialists.

“I couldn't believe my results... I'm pain-free.”
Dr. Alina Dellanzo DDS
Alina Dellanzo

Discover a Better Way to Rejuvenate

The Pritikin Recovery & Resilience


Regain your health & wellness to enhance your ability to life, love & laugh more.

Sleep Better:

Your health is determined by the quality of your sleep. Come rest better & let our sleep experts help with any hurdles in your way.

Build Resilience:

Regain your strength & bounce back stronger from life’s challenges. Better yet, build lasting resilience & thrive.

Everything You Need is Here

The toll on your health, mindset & relationships from everyday stress is greater than you may realize. Come rejuvenate so you can thrive. You deserve this..

Better Sleep

Allow yourself to rest – your health depends on it. Discover a better night’s sleep with help of our experts.

Luxury Accommodations

Relax in a lavish room or suite designed with attention to detail for a restful retreat.

Sleep Tests

In the comfort of your room or suite, our sleep experts can help you unlock the secrets to a good night’s sleep.


Experts in Wellness

Escape to a tropical luxury destination where leading experts help you find a more joyful, stronger, resilient you.

Shift Your Mindset

Navigate life’s stressful hurdles better with insights & skills acquired in supportive, interactive workshops lead by our expert Psychologists.

Exercise Recovery

Recover to perform at your best with specialized stretching classes, massages, cold therapy, or working with a Physical Therapist.


Revive Your Health

Everything falls into place when you are nourished & rested. Enjoy endless possibilities with a wellness experience tailored to help you recover.

Designed by You

Flexible programs allow you to build the wellness retreat of your dreams. Enjoy spa treatments, excursions or one-on-one time with specialists.

Aspire for More

Stress effects your life in astronomical ways: weight gain, moodiness, digestive issues. It’s important to take time to recover - you’re worth it.

“Astronomical results!”
S. Matai
Sanjai Matai

Discover a Better Mindset

The Pritikin Healthy Mindset


Experts guide you in a shift of perspective to make significant improvements in your health.

Interactive Workshops:

Engaging opportunities to help you head down a path towards a healthier, more resilient you.

Supportive Community:

Build relationships & share stories to learn strategies that work in real-life.

Believe In Your Possibilities

Escape your everyday & come to where change is possible. Uncover any hurdles in your way of success & discover strategies to successfully overcome them..

Reach Your Goals

The secret to making healthy lifestyle change is your mindset - our approachable Psychologists are here help you reach your goals.

Psychologist Support

With Psychologist-led workshops & an interdisciplinary approach we’re here to help you make sustainable change.

Expert Teammates

A supportive community environment, discover where you want to go & how to get there with a positive mindset.


Better Manage Stress

Learn how to manage stressors & triggers you encounter at home.

Emotional Eating

Stress can make you more susceptible to cravings & unhealthy behaviors. Join in special Psychologists-led programing to help conquer emotional eating.

Real-life Strategies

Among like-minded people in this supportive environment, hear stories & discover helpful strategies to overcome whatever is in your way of success.


Shift Your Perspective

Your possibilities are endless when you can see challenges differently. Accomplish more with a healthy mindset.

Accept Imperfection

Take slips as opportunities to learn, see beyond any imperfections & propel yourself towards your health goals.

Create Intent

Make a plan to create new habits that allow you to keep moving towards your goals.

“It's a miracle what I've accomplished!”
Derek Moreland
Derek Moreland

Design Your Customized Experience

It’s time to live your best life. All the experts & personalized help you need to succeed are right here.

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Are you taking or considering a medication for weight loss?

Combining the Pritikin Program with Semaglutide or other weight loss medications could potentially speed up weight loss, reduce side effects, preserve lean body mass, and support long-term metabolic health.