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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

You’re excited, you’re motivated, you’re seeing results with Pritikin living. Now, how do you stay motivated? Get tips from Pritikin’s psychologists and other lifestyle-change experts for developing a lifelong love affair with healthy living.

Good Health is the Foundation of Happiness

Why Am I Not Happy?

How to be happy With some simple lifestyle changes you can start to feel healthier and happier within days. Here are 7 scientifically-backed healthy lifestyle changes to help you find more happiness. 1. Go big on fiber, easy on the treats You probably already know that your mood and food are deeply entwined. Simply consider…

How To Stay Sharp As You Age

A Healthy Lifestyle Can Help You Stay Sharp as You Age

If you don’t use your muscles, you just might lose your brain. That’s the conclusion of dozens of studies over the past four decades. Most have found that people who exercise regularly have a lower risk of cognitive decline and dementia over time versus those who don’t.

Top Tips For Living a Long, Healthy Life

Top Tips For Living a Long, Healthy Life

Top Tips For Living a Long, Healthy Life They come from many departments at Pritikin – medical, nutrition, exercise, food services, administration, sales, and housekeeping. They all have one thing in common. They’re passionately Pritikin. Get their top tips for living both long and well. Jose (Pepe) Fernandez, Food Service 35 Years at Pritikin Pepe’s…

How To Deal With Anger Issues

Are you an angry driver? Learn to deal with anger issues.

There are two faces of anger. The Silent Stuffers hide their real feelings. They will not admit that they are angry and have an even harder time expressing it. The Electric Explosives sometimes yell. They usually don’t hit but will frequently be found standing-blocking the doorway with outbursts like, “I’m not done talking!” or “How dare you walk out on me!”

Foods That Promote Sexual Health

Aphrodisiacs and Foods for Sexual Health

Foods that improve sexual health are essentially the same foods that improve heart health, science is learning. That’s no surprise to the physicians and other faculty at the Pritikin health and weight-loss resort in Miami. “Just about every man, and many women, who walk in our doors walk out feeling quite a bit more romantic,” smiles Pritikin’s Associate Medical Director Danine Fruge, MD.

Does Anger Hurt Your Body?

Anger and Anxiety Can Kill You.

Recently published research has found that intense anger increases the risk of suffering a heart attack 8-fold, and intense anxiety increases risk 9-fold.

How To Keep New Year’s Resolutions

How to Keep This Year's New Year Resolutions

Our guests are geared up to start their New Year on the right foot! Follow in their footsteps on the road to a healthier you. There’s no time like the present to kick start your resolution. You’ll leave Pritikin looking and feeling your best. A stay with us will change your life.

Reducing Holiday Stress | 5 Simple Strategies

Learn to reduce holiday stress and enjoy the holidays this year.

Eat, drink, and be merry – that’s what we’re supposed to do over the holidays. And we’re usually awfully good (unfortunately) with the eating and drinking. Learn to reduce stress and focus on the “merry.”

The Hunger Scale: Mindful Eating for Weight Loss

Get into the hunger scale habit and use mindful eating to banish hunger.

Discover The Hunger Scale, and the best mindful eating tips for weight loss and better health, taught by the physicians, dietitians, psychologists, and other lifestyle experts at the renowned Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami. Did you know that how you’re eating may be just as important as what you’re eating.

Holiday Healthy Eating and Exercise

From their Pritikin Santa stockings Kimberly and Scott pull out all kinds of tips for taking down stress, ramping up joy, and staying on track throughout the holiday season. You’ll learn: How to fit exercise into hectic days The cardio trick that can keep you active every day of the week How to get a…

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