Pritikin Lifestyle Program

A rejuvenating wellness retreat experience that’s flexible – it’s tailored just for you.

An All-Inclusive Two-Week Luxury Wellness Retreat Made Just for You

Best Exercise Program for Health and Weight Loss

Comprehensive Wellness Education

Attend workshops, excursions, and specialty luncheons all led by:


$750 Service Credit Per Guest

The Pritikin Lifestyle Program includes a $750 service credit you can use to personalize your stay. Choose from a variety of non-medical* services and packages, including nutrition consultations, specialized fitness testing (RMR or VO2 Max), or at-home support programs.

*Pritikin’s renown comprehensive medical services are only available in the Longevity Program.

How will you tailor your wellness experience?

Get pricing on your own, customized program.
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Are you taking or considering a medication for weight loss?

By combining the Pritikin Program with Ozempic, Wegovy, or ZepBound, you can safely accelerate weight loss, reduce side effects, preserve lean body mass, and enhance long-term metabolic health for optimal success.