Optimal Fitness Package

For Guests Who Want An Extra Focus On Fitness

Are you already athletic but want to push yourself even further? Learn more about where you are physically with two state-of-the-art, non-invasive tests. Plus, let our Exercise Physiologists help take your fitness regime to the next level. There's fun in this package, too - a tension-relieving, specialized massage.

Optimal Fitness Package | Wellness Package

Your core Pritikin stay includes extensive fitness options and health education, but some guests wish to enhance their stay with additional personal training sessions and services. We therefore offer this upgraded Optimal Fitness Package.

Services include:

  • One RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Test
  • One Dexa Body Composition Scan
  • Three One-Hour Personal Training Sessions per week
  • One 30-Minute Nutrition Consultation
  • One Lomi Juma Massage

Package: $675

This package is available in addition to your Pritikin Program. In other words, after you make reservations for a one-week stay or longer at Pritikin, you may enhance your stay with this Optimal Fitness Package.

The Optimal Fitness Package includes:

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Test

This study evaluates the capacity of the body to metabolize foods (burn calories) and assists in identifying possible alterations in lifestyle that can promote weight loss.

Dexa Body Composition Scan

A scan that measures your percentage of lean muscle and body fat, and helps your Pritikin team set goals that enhance heart health as well as a leaner, fitter body.

Personal Training Sessions

These one on one sessions will help you achieve the best returns from each workout. The focus is on cardiovascular fitness; helping your heart become the strongest and healthiest it can be.

Nutrition Consultation

Jumpstart your journey to better health and lifelong weight control. Get a personalized eating plan that you can live with and enjoy. A session with one of our Pritikin nutritionists may be the most important time you’ve ever spent on your health.

Lomi Juma Massage

Restore your inner balance with a fusion of Asian inspired massage techniques. This massage improves micro circulation, unlocks your joints and relaxes your muscles, while restoring your physical and mental well-being.

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