Caitlin Donato, MS

Director of Fitness

  • Masters of Science in Health Science, University of Central Florida
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Education & Behaviour, University of Florida
  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

"We all have challenges that wait for us in our day. When you prove to yourself that you can accomplish that hard thing in the workout, you prove to yourself you can tackle that hard thing outside the gym."

Caitlin is the creator of signature fitness programs featured at leading gyms worldwide. She believes in making exercise fun and rewarding, particularly in group settings. “Coaching is one of my favorite things to do. . The Pritikin fitness team is not just trainers but, highly educated exercise physiologists. We love what we do!”

The fitness team at Pritikin tailors fitness programs to individual needs, considering medications and medical limitations, ensuring each guest can overcome hurdles and succeed both at Pritikin and at home. “At Pritikin, we provide incredible care. We educate, we execute practical, science-based exercises, and we explore the deeper ‘why’ behind each person’s journey,”

Pritikin is so unique and valuable because it’s one of the only concepts where you can get a holistic program. Instead of a segmented strategy, with a personal trainer at the gym, and an online diet program at home, we design a plan tailored to where you are, and where you want to go. “Life will hand you a lot of reasons to not – and, they are good why not. Here, we can help you connect to the why, and get you results.”

As a single mom, marathon runner, and ultramarathon competitor, Caitlin knows firsthand what it takes to overcome tough challenges. Working with her is truly an inspiring experience that can lead to lasting, transformative health changes.

It’s so empowering when you accomplish something in the gym – It can make everything feel more attainable.”

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