What Pritikin Guests Say About Their Experience

"I lost 115 pounds. I can actually move. Pritikin gave me my confidence back"

Polo C.

"I did my blood work and I couldn't believe my results. Low cholesterol, low triglycerides, low blood sugar, low BMI. I'm pain free!"

Dr. Alina Dellanzo

thumbnail alina

Guest Reviews

Real Pritikin guest share details of their experience at the Pritikin Center.

thumbnail derek

"I want to see my grandchildren grow."

Derek Moreland

thumbnail biff

"Pritikin is my safe space."

Biff Picone

thumbnail stan

"I lost a total of 114 pounds."

Derek Moreland

thumbnail susan

"I thought I knew how to lose weight, but I needed something else."

Biff Picone

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