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What Is Insulin Resistance & How To Prevent Diabetes

Kara and Maria, Pritikin’s registered dietitian and endocrinologist, breakdown what it means to be insulin resistant. They discuss all sorts of different ways you can prevent and treat and pre diabetes.

Kara Burnstine has over 20 years of experience in the nutrition field ranging from clinical nutrition, public health nutrition, and private practice. In her practice, Kara coached her clients in weight loss, cardiovascular disease, gut health and autoimmune diseases, and utilized motivational interviewing and behavior modification strategies to facilitate habits that create permanent lifestyle changes.

Dr. Maria Teresa Anton is a board certified endocrinologist with specialties in Diabetes & Metabolism, Internal Medicine. before joining the Pritikin medical team she spent many years working at an inpatient/outpatient clinic.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe

Use these ingredients for the healthy version of chocolate covered strawberries and learn healthy facts with Chef Vince and Kara, Pritikin’s Registered Dietitian.


Creamy Pasta with Mussels Recipe

Check out this delicious recipe created by Chef Vince with Kara, Pritikin’s Registered Dietitian, providing the nutritional pros and cons of the different ingredients.

Customize A Workout Plan with a Functional Movement Screening

Sign up for a functional movement screening today. After you work with a Pritikin Exercise Physiologist during this screening, they will set you up with a fitness routine to take home that is more tailored to your body.

How To Make Healthy Food Taste Better

In this episode Kara and Vince, Pritikin’s Registered Dietitian and Chef, talk about ways you can make boring healthy food taste better, how to stick to a nutrition plan, and making small changes to traditional recipes.

What's More Dangerous? Sharks or Diabetes?

America is not getting healthier. People seem to be unaware of the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle. Kimberly Gomer RD, Director of Nutrition at Body Beautiful Miami, and Carol Espel MS, Director of Fitness at Pritikin Longevity Center, talk about why we need to be aware of the dangers of diabetes and prediabetes.


Join Vince, Executive Chef, and Kara, Registered Dietitian, to make this delicious and super easy holiday dessert.

Healthy Alternatives This Holiday Season

Simple changes to some popular holiday meals can make all the difference. Vince, executive chef, and Kara, registered dietitian, provide the best advice to get throughout the holidays the healthier way and actually enjoyed it.

Mindset Guide For The Holiday Season

Being mindful is a challenge during the holidays. Licensed psychologist and registered dietitian, Kristen and Kara, discuss the challenges of being mindful over the holiday season.

4 Thanksgiving Side Dishes | Healthy Recipes

Registered Dietitian, Kara, and Chef Vince prepare these healthy recipes, include stuffing muffins, sweet potato mash, roasted corn mashed potatoes, and roasted corn dip.

How to do Thanksgiving The Healthy Way

Registered Dietitian, Kara, and Chef Vince talk about the typical thanksgiving foods (turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce) and easy tweak you can do to make them healthier to eat. They also talk about mindful strategies to not completely go off the rails and ruin your progress.

Healthier Everyday with Pritikin

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