Apr 19

Strategies for Facing Health Challenges

Join us for a transformative masterclass where Dr. Tom Rifai, founder and CEO of Reality Meets Science Inc, will discuss five key domains of skills and knowledge to help overcome health challenges and find sustainable health & wellness solutions.

Managing and thriving in the face of adversity is not about finding instant solutions but rather about embracing a journey of growth and self-discovery. We'll explore strategies and techniques that promote long-term health & wellness, emphasizing the importance of consistent effort and determination. 

By the end of the session, you'll walk away with a renewed sense of hope, understanding that there is strength in reaching out for support, empowerment in embracing vulnerability, and resilience in persevering through life's challenges. 

What you'll learn:

  • the psychological and physiological factors contributing to unhealthy eating habits
  • practical strategies for managing stress and coping with emotional triggers
  • how to cultivate a positive relationship with food and develop healthier eating habits
  • actionable tips and techniques for building emotional resilience

Who should attend:

  • individuals who want practical strategies for improving their relationship with food
  • individuals experiencing health challenges who seek support and empowerment
  • anyone interested in debunking myths about quick fixes and learning about long-term health management strategies
  • individuals looking for inspiration and guidance from experts who have overcome similar challenges

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Friday, April 19


In this talk we'll address common misconceptions and barriers to adopting a healthy lifestyle and debunk the myth of the "quick fix" and instead focus on the virtues of patience and persistence. Through engaging anecdotes, real-life success stories, and interactive Q&A sessions, Dr. Rifai will delve into how simple yet profound changes in diet, exercise, stress management, and behavior can improve your health journey.  



Tom Rifai MD, FACP, DipABLM

Founder and CEO of Reality Meets Science Inc (RMS)

Dr. Tom Rifai is the founder and CEO of Reality Meets Science Inc (RMS), a company that offers and is designing digital and in-person lifestyle medicine programs, coaching, and education based on The Flex5 Lifestyle, a gold standard behavior modification methodology for healthy longevity. He is also a board-certified internal medicine physician and a diplomate of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, with over 20K hours of experience in directing and designing multidisciplinary intensive lifestyle intervention programs for leading health systems and organizations including Henry Ford Health system in Detroit, MI and Pritikin Longevity Center. 

Dr. Rifai served as Associate Medical Director Pritikin Longevity Center and spent over a decade on Pritikin’s science advisory committee. He continues to serve as lead educator on dietary fats and weight control for the Medicare-approved Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, which is now running in over 100 hospital cardiac rehabilitation programs throughout the USA. 

Dr. Rifai's mission is to empower individuals and populations to achieve optimal health and well-being, preventing chronic disease through evidence-based and personalized lifestyle strategies. 

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