May 19 -30

Kosher Program



The only kosher program in health & wellness travel.

You’ll enjoy plant-based gourmet kosher dining, educational workshops, engaging fitness classes, and personalized guidance from health & wellness experts at the #1 rated health & wellness retreat, The Pritikin Longevity Center.

Pritikin's Kosher Program is Glatt Kosher and Cholov Yisroel. The Kosher supervisor is an experienced kosher food coordinator with many years working at worldwide luxury resort facilities. Return home recharged, inspired, and ready to live completely. 

What you learn: 

The foundation of the program is wellness education where expert instructors from various fields such as cardiology, psychology, nutrition, and exercise physiology provide evidence-based insights and strategies that lay the framework of the Pritikin Program.  You’ll learn; 

  • Strategies, tools, and techniques for practical lifestyle changes in order to prevent and mitigate chronic disease.
  • Healthy eating plans that build the confidence & skills necessary to achieve lasting weight loss.
  • Exercise techniques and plans appropriate for your unique health journey.
  • Positive lifestyle habits to refresh your mindset.  

Who should attend:

  • You adhere to a kosher diet and lifestyle.
  • You want to learn how to prevent or mitigate various chronic diseases.
  • You want to lose weight and see results.
  • You want to push yourself to new fitness levels.
  • You need to refresh and reset.

In addition to this event, you can enjoy all of the daily activities that Pritikin offers. See what a typical day looks like.

What's Included:

  • Daily minyanim for Shacharis, Mincha and Maariv  
      • Mincha/Maariv 
      • Shabbos Dinner as a Group 
      • Shacharis 
      • Light Kiddush on Patio 
      • Group Lunch
      • Seudah Shlishis 
      • Havdallah 
      • Melave Malka 
  • All-inclusive meals & snacks 
  • Unlimited access to our extensive spa, golf, tennis, and fitness facilities*
  • Unlimited access to daily group activities and classes

*Fees may apply depending on level of service.




You want the best educators.

At Pritikin, You'll be learning from and interacting with Physicians, Nutritionists, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists & Chefs with decades of experience teaching healthy living skills. Take a look at the health & wellness experts at Pritikin.

When you book a stay at Pritikin, Your health & wellness experience will be unique. All the experts & personalized help you need to succeed are right here. You will never be bored during your stay with plenty of activities and classes.

See what a typical day at Pritikin looks like:

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Are you taking or considering a medication for weight loss?

Combining the Pritikin Program with Semaglutide or other weight loss medications could potentially speed up weight loss, reduce side effects, preserve lean body mass, and support long-term metabolic health.