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Luxury Accommodations. Wellness Classes. Physician Supervised Program. Cooking School. Meals & Snacks. And More!

Measureable Results.
Enjoyable. Achievable.

The Pritikin Exercise Plan teaches a comprehensive approach involving three key components to help you obtain optimal health and wellbeing. It’s a comprehensive, yet doable program that you can take home and easily incorporate into your life.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Getting your heart rate up is an essential part of any exercise regimen and contributes to a healthy heart! Choose your favorite machine and get going!

Strength Training

We all know strong bones are important, but they’re even more so as we age. We’ll teach you how to safely build muscle and tone up during fun group classes.

Flexibility & Stretching

Stretching helps maintain the flexibility of your muscles which is important in order for you to maintain a range of motions and avoid joint injury. There’s nothing like a good stretch!

Pritikin Structured Exercise Program

Pritikin isn’t a place where you laze by the pool all day. We give you structure so you can establish habits. You’ll work out with a group of your peers who have similar physical abilities to yours. Do you like a fast paced workout? No problem. We’ve got the right class for you.


“I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction helping others to achieve and surpass their health and fitness goals. It is a privilege knowing I am a part of their journey toward a better life.”

–Jamie Costello, MSC | VP, Sales & Fitness at Pritikin

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Wellness Education is the cornerstone of your experience at the Pritikin Health Resort and Weight Loss Spa.

Frank Musumeci, PT, Biomechanical and Musculoskeletal Director at Pritikin, excels in developing highly customized exercise plans for people who have struggled in the past with pain or orthopedic limitations.

Discover Your New Favorite Exercise.

Whether you like dancing, spinning, yoga, or hitting the gym in the traditional sense, we provide a variety of options for everyone. Classes are available throughout the day, so try it all!

Sunrise Stretch

Rise and shine! Start the day off right with a 15 minute relaxing stretch.


Interval training at a fast pace with a unique mix of cardio & strength in our indoor pool.

Cardio Sculpt

A fun combination of light weights and low impact aerobic exercise.


High energy interval training style workout to up tempo tunes.

Group Cardio

Get your heart pounding in this fast paced, machine based class.

Vinyasa Yoga

To promote flexibility, respiratory capacity and deep relaxation.


A series of exercises devise to strengthen your center and achieve your optimal fitness goals.

Strength Training

Build those biceps and more in these weight training classes.

Championship Golf

A big part of the property is dedicated to championship golf courses, so keep moving and try your luck at 18 holes.

Pain-Free Functional Exercise Training


Get interactive on one of our fantastic courts! Play with a friend, take a lesson, or join a clinic. The choice is yours!

Tropical Walks

Enjoy the Florida sunshine during a leisurely stroll around our beautiful facility!

Even More!

We’re constantly rotating our classes to offer a new and exciting variety, which means that quite often you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself and try something new!

Scientifically proven results.

Physician-Supervised Exercise Program

Our knowledgeable and caring team of physicians aren’t here to prescribe pills or recommend surgery to you. They’re here to help guide you and get you healthy by providing you with ways to make changes to your lifestyle habits in order for you to get healthy naturally. The Pritikin team of physicians, all board-certified in fields such as cardiology and endocrinology, are intimately involved in your entire experience. The average doctor’s visit outside of Pritikin is approximately 7 minutes, but you’ll spend over 45 minutes with your Pritikin physician. Now that’s personalized and attentive healthcare!

Physicians are an important part of the guest experience at the Pritikin Fitness Camp and Wellness Retreat

“Pritikin empowers people to live up to their fullest health potential,” explains Pritikin’s Medical Director, Dr. Danine Fruge. “Within just a few days here, they start to feel the wonderful benefits of the Pritikin Program, like increased energy and new freedom from medications, which really motivates them to continue their new lifestyle.”

Personalized Time

Most of us see our doctors in their offices, but at Pritikin – you’re just as likely to find our medical director lunching with guests in our dining room, our cardiologist chatting with a group of guests after a workshop, or the endocrinologist stopping by the fitness center to check on a guest’s progress. This is “hands on” like most of us have never experienced.

Wellness Classes & Workshops

It’s not only our fitness team and physicians who are involved in helping you achieve optimal health. Our nutritionists, behavioral therapists, chefs, and yes- our fitness experts and physicians as well- all lead a variety of eye-opening lectures, luncheons, cooking school, outings and more, which will all help arm you with the skills you need to keep living your healthiest life upon your return home.

"But I Don't Need Physician Supervision..."

Not everyone who comes to Pritikin feels that they want or need physician supervision in theory, but the reality is that the medical component of Pritikin is what ties everything together, and is a huge perk of the program. It’s a very special experience to really connect with your favorite Pritikin physician, have access to all of them, and really be HEARD and cared for. The physicians ensure that the program is tailored to your personal health. And good health is priceless.

Adult Fitness Camp, Evolved

Fitness camps have a single focus – fitness. But why focus on just one aspect of good health? Your experience at the Pritikin resort will focus on all three pillars health – Fitness, Nutrition and Mind-Body Health. You’ll get all the benefits of a fitness camp PLUS…

Physicians at the Pritikin Fitness Camp for Weight Loss

Physician Supervised

Our Premier Medical Program provides each guest with the expert medical attention required for achieving major life changes smoothly and successfully.

Nutritious Meals
and Snacks

You'll never go hungry at Pritikin. All meals are rich in whole, nutrient-dense, naturally-low-in-sodium foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans, and lean fish, white poultry, and bison.

Pritikin Master Classes in Health and Fitness

Comprehensive Exercise

In fitness classes led by our university-degreed exercise physiologists you'll focus on the three most important types of exercise: Cardiovascular (Aerobic), Strength Training, and Flexibility.

Wellness Education at the Pritikin Fitness Camp

Complete Lifestyle Education

Healthy lifestyle education is the cornerstone of the Pritikin Center. The classes are taught by our physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, and exercise experts.

Cooking School

In the Cooking School, taught by Pritikin chefs, the focus is healthy food prep that is not only delicious, but simple.

The Pritikin Fitness Camp sports a luxurious on-site spa.

Spa Luxuries

The luxurious spa offers a variety of a la carte, world-class services, from facials to massages to manicures and pedicures. After an invigorating day at Pritikin there’s nothing like getting pampered before returning to your room for a good night’s sleep.

Stay On-Track After You Return

In online reviews left by Pritikin guests, one phrase is repeated more than any other – “life changing.”We’re very proud of what our guests say about their stay, but it’s really just the beginning. In follow-up surveys, our guests tell us that their real success comes after they return home and continue following the Pritikin Program.

The entire focus of your stay at Pritikin prepares you for a lifetime of healthy living, but if you need extra help, we’re still here for you, offering programs to keep you on track.


Remote coaching with your favorite exercise physiologists, nutritionists and behavioral therapists from the Pritikin Center.


Designed by dietitians. Crafted by chefs. Delivered right to your door. Pritikin Foods provides creatively designed and undeniably delicious meals to fuel a healthy lifestyle.


Stay in touch and share tips with other Pritikin guests, access hundreds of recipes, and more.


Once you stay at Pritikin, we consider you part of our family. Reach out anytime with questions, or when you need a little extra motivation.​

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Are you taking or considering a medication for weight loss?

Combining the Pritikin Program with Semaglutide or other weight loss medications could potentially speed up weight loss, reduce side effects, preserve lean body mass, and support long-term metabolic health.