“Where else can you eat so much great food and lose weight? I love Pritikin!”

Jeff Garlin
Nothing can dampen comedian Jeff Garlin’s enthusiasm for the healthy new life he’s discovered at the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa in Miami, Florida.

“I still can’t believe what happened to me the first time I went to Pritikin,” says Garlin, co-star/co-producer of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. “By the third day, I got this BURST of energy. I felt as good as I did when I was in high school.”

And it was none too soon, the comedian who plays the bumbling, barrel-bodied Jeff Greene on the critically acclaimed series adds. His health a few years ago was anything to laugh about. He was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic and was put on drugs to control his soaring blood sugar. At age 37, he also suffered a stroke.

By his third day of eating Pritikin’s low-fat, high-fiber diet and exercising daily, Jeff’s blood sugar had plummeted to normal, nondiabetic levels – “by the third day, it happened that quickly!” And his cholesterol and triglycerides, “which were ridiculously high,” each fell 40 points.

He could see the changes, too. One week into his Pritikin visit, he performed at Broward Center in Miami, and while signing photographs that fans had taken of him that evening, Jeff stopped short and lifted one photograph for a closer look. “That’s me?” he gasped. His coloring, the shape of his face – everything looked different.

“I looked HEALTHY!” he exclaimed. “I was shocked at how much in just one week’s time I had changed. And this is without taking any drugs or undergoing any major surgery. This is only with eating healthy and exercising. THAT’S ALL IT WAS!”

Daily, Jeff cranked up his treadmill in the Pritikin fitness center for a brisk one-hour walk. In the dining room, he filled his plates with hefty helpings of low-fat, high-fiber, heart-healthy foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, bean-rich soups, seafood entrees, tofu lasagnas, and tangy sorbets for desserts.

Not bad for a guy who, before Pritikin, considered himself a lifetime member of the Hostess family and whose website listed his hobbies as “eating puddin’ and napping.”

“This Pritikin experience came right out and punched me in the face,” he asserts. “I thought I knew everything about food and fat, but, boy oh boy, was I wrong. The information I received from the Pritikin lectures was completely enlightening. This is tremendous, I kept telling myself. This is the way to go.”

He acknowledges that on the home front it can be challenging to maintain his Pritikin lifestyle, so he recharges every now and then with a refresher vacation at Pritikin. It’s well worth it. “Sure, I’m swearing off cheesecake and Ho-Hos, but I’m getting a quality of life that’s THROUGH THE ROOF. It’s actually an unfair trade. I’m winning on a much bigger level.

“WOW!” he bursts out, throwing his arms high in the air, smiling as bright as the Florida sunshine around him.

Now that’s enthusiasm.

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