2018 New Year, New You

“I’ve spent my life losing and regaining weight. It’s brutal. What’s Pritikin got that’s different?

Everything. We’re the world’s experts in permanent weight-loss success. We’ve been doing it for decades. Everything you need is here. Everything is science-based. You won’t find any gimmicks that rob you blind. You will find success, and especially so with our 2018 New Year, New You Program.

New Year, New You

Book by January 31, 2018

Stay with us for one week or more between January 21st and February 18th 2018 and receive one 30 minute remote nutrition consultation. (per person prior to arrival.)

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Our 2018 New Year, New You Program starts before you even walk in the door at the Pritikin Longevity Center.

Before Your Stay

Even before coming to Pritikin, you’ll experience what will undoubtedly be one of the most important phone calls of your life.

Pre-Pritikin Nutrition Consultation

For 30 minutes, you’ll enjoy a personalized Nutrition Consultation with one of Pritikin’s Certified Nutritionists.

Ask anyone who’s been to Pritikin, and they’ll tell you: our nutritionists are exactly who you want in your life when you’re trying to shed the weight for once and for all. In the introductory conversation with you, you’ll work together to zero in on exactly what you need during your stay at Pritikin to ensure your success.

During Your Stay

Our entire program is set up to give you the tools you need to successfully maintain Pritikin when you return home.

Our cooking classes, led by our award-winning chefs, teach you all the secrets and short cuts for preparing healthy, tasty food.
Our nutrition workshops focus on real-world experiences, like dining out and food shopping. We even take you on field trips to restaurants and grocery stores.
Our exercise classes are not complex, horrific regimens that would never work in regular life. Instead, the exercise plan you’ll learn here is simple and practical, easy to weave into daily life at home.
Our behavioral workshops rev up your motivation like never before. What’s more, you’ll learn skills that have helped thousands over the years here at Pritikin overcome obstacles like emotional and binge eating.

Bottom Line: Even if you’ve been yo-yoing for years, even if pizzas and burgers have been your downfall time and again, you’ll learn at Pritikin that you can make changes that will keep the weight off.

The A Team In Healthy Lifestyle Change

With our world-renowned team of physicians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and psychologists by your side, you’ll discover that success is lot easier and quicker than you ever thought possible.

New Pleasures

This is big… Your palate changes at Pritikin.

Oh sure, if you loved burgers before coming to Pritikin, you’ll probably still like them after you leave. But what people discover at Pritikin is that their culinary world expands far beyond burgers. With each meal, they’re experiencing new flavors, new pleasures.

So instead of feeling what most dieters feel – deprivation – our guests at Pritikin are actually enjoying their food more.

After Your Stay

You leave Pritikin and return home, but we never leave you.

  • Immediately, you’re enrolled in a lifetime membership that includes:
    • Free access to the 1000+ Pritikin recipes, plus cooking videos, created by our chefs
    • Unlimited access to fitness videos produced by our exercise physiologists
    • Access to your personal health results through our patient portal
  • Don’t have time to cook? Order Pritikin Frozen Foods, made right in the Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa kitchen
  • Weekly subscription to the Pritikin newsletter, which features regular interviews with our team of healthy-living experts
  • Whenever you want, you can also book personal phone consults with key faculty like Kimberly Gomer, MS, RD, Director of Nutrition; Jamie Costello, Director of Exercise; and Coral Arvon, PhD, Director of Behavioral Wellness. These one-on-one consults are available exclusively to Pritikin alumni.

2018 New Year, New You

We get it. Over the years you’ve wasted a lot of time and money trying to lose weight. Diets. Pills. Fasts. Killer workouts. “Miracle” cures that are expensive, and an absolute bust.

This year, come to where the health and fitness revolution began more than four decades ago. Where success is science-based. Where thousands before you have achieved lifelong success.

Book by Jan 31, 2018. Valid for travel through Feb 18, 2018. Valid for new reservations only. Not combinable with any other offers or discounts. Based upon availability at time of booking. Blackout dates may apply. Payment of $110 for the Nutrition Consultation will be required upon redemption, and will be credited back to your account upon check in. The credit will not be issued for check ins after Feb 18, 2018. Credit will not be applied and is not applicable to future reservations.

Seasonal Rate Specials

The Pritikin Longevity Center is located in sunny Miami, Florida so our rate packages are highly influenced by the season.

Save Up to 27% Save Up to 27%
For many guests, summer is the ideal time to visit Pritikin. After the snowbirds have flown, you’ll save up to 27% off high season rates.
Save Up to 20% Save Up to 20%
Want to save big, and avoid the summer heat. Holidays may be the best time to plan your visit. You’ll get the same great program, and save up to 20% off Winter rates.

Winter Rates | December 31 to March 10, 2018

For optimal results, the physicians and other faculty at Pritikin recommend a 2-week or longer stay.

Weekend Retreat
From $499
per person
per night
  • 3-Nights

  • Double

    (per person)
    Save $500 per person

  • Single
  • Includes:
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • All Meals
  • Life-transforming Seminars
  • Exercise Program
  • 30-minute Personal Nutrition Consultation
  • $140 Spa Credit
Extra Weeks
From $496
per person
per night
  • Get the Full 2-Week Program

  • Double

    Add a 2nd week for only
    (per person)

  • Single

    Add a 2nd week for only
    (per person)
  • Includes:
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • All Meals
  • Exercise Program
  • Healthy Lifestyle Education
  • Medical Care/Supervision
  • Dinner Out with a Nutritionist
  • Supermarket Shopping

Do it right… right here at Pritikin.

Important: To ensure every guest gets the personal attention necessary for their success, we strictly limit the number of guests we accept each week. This means we often sell out. To ensure you get the weeks of your choice, please call (888) 254-1462 or reserve your dates below.

  • Sunday check-in ONLY.
  • Sunday check-out ONLY.

Make Sure This Year’s Resolution Sticks

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