Bean & Corn Burgers With Lime-Yogurt Sauce

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Bean & Corn Burgers With Lime-Yogurt Sauce

Who says veggie burgers are boring? You'll get a kick out of these zesty Mexican-style bean and corn burgers topped with a citrus-hot sauce of lime juice, yogurt, scallions, and mustard. Regular burgers and their "secret sauces" can coat your arteries with more saturated fat than most of us should have for three days. With our Pritikin burgers, you're enjoying tons of flavor, zero saturated fat, and a lot of soluble fiber from the beans. A diet rich is soluble fiber has been proven to lower blood cholesterol.
Prep Time1 hour
Active Time20 minutes
Total Time1 hour 20 minutes
Course: Dinner, Leftovers, Lunch, Main Dish
Cuisine: Fusion, Mexican, Slow Yet Simple, Vegetarian
Yield: 12 burgers


  • 4 cups red beans cooked (canned varieties are fine)
  • 1 tablespoon garlic chopped
  • 1 bunch scallions sliced
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce, low sodium
  • 1/4 bunch fresh thyme leaves picked
  • 1/4 cup carrots steamed and diced
  • 1/4 jalapeno de-seeded and chopped
  • 1/2 green bell pepper de-seeded and diced
  • 2 limes juiced
  • 4 cobs corn kernels roasted
  • 1/2 cup lime juice
  • 1 cup plain Greek yogurt (fat free)
  • 1/2 bunch scallions chopped
  • 2 cucumbers peeled and de-seeded
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard (low-sodium)
  • 1/2 teaspoon horseradish


  • In a food processor, pulse till chunky beans, garlic, scallions, soy sauce, thyme, carrots, jalepeno, green pepper and lime juice.
  • Pour bean mixture into large bowl. Add roasted corn kernels and combine thoroughly.
  • Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F. While oven is heating up, mold bean-corn mixture into 12 six-ounce "burgers" and place on nonstick baking sheets. Bake in oven till the outside is crisp, about 20 minutes.
  • For SAUCE: In a blender or food processor, blend all ingredients until very smooth. Ladle over burgers. Serve alone or in whole-wheat buns layered with your favorite burger-style veggies, such as sliced tomatoes and lettuce leaves.
  • * To ROAST CORN: Remove stalk/green leaves from corn cobs. Roast corn cobs directly over grill flame until corn is slightly roasted on all sides. Using a sharp knife, remove corn kernels from cobs. Discard cobs.
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