The Pritikin Recovery & Resilience Plan

a more joyful you awaits

When you nurture & restore yourself, everything else falls in line.

Rediscover the strength and resilience of a healthier you – allow your body to rejuvenate & adore how you can bounce back stronger.

Escape to a Place Where Your Wellbeing Gets to be the Priority.

Recharge yourself. Enhance your ability to recover from stress. Build lasting resilience.

Sometimes, no matter what you do things happen. Yet, with enough healthy sleep and recovery, you can face it stronger – that’s called resilience, and it’s really valuable.

Enjoy the foods you crave on the Pritikin Diet

It’s time for yourself. It’s time to



Go Beyond Your Expectations of What Wellness Can Be

Recovery and sleep are just as essential to good health as nutrition & exercise. Getaway to a premium wellness retreat where you can customize your experience to allow your body exactly what it needs to rest, restore & recover. Sleep well in your lavish room or suite. Get sleep help from our experts. Discover the benefits of exercise recovery. Be inspired from experts to confidently overcome life’s hurdles. We meet you where you are & help you find what you need to live your best life:

Massage & Spa Services

Yoga & Pilates

Specialized Stretching Classes

Icing Therapy & Exercise Recovery

Stress Management Workshops

Gourmet Whole Food Cuisine

Rejuvenating Excursions

Reset & Recover for Your Health

Stress effects your health in many ways. Relax & rejuvenate to improve:

Your Health
Deserves This

It’s essential to allow yourself to rest.

Your body wants to heal. Healthy sleep, nourishing food, exercise recovery and a little pampering helps you recover from stress. Come reset, recover & redefine your healthy lifestyle alongside compassionate & engaging Pritikin experts.

Build Resilience

Give yourself the opportunity to restore & bounce back from all of life’s challenges stronger. Come build your resilience to stress with healthy sleep, nourishment, breathe, mindset & movement.

Sleep Better

Healthy sleep vital to your health & wellbeing. Your body heals during sleep. In the comfort of your lavish room or suite, medically supervised sleep tests available.

Exercise Recovery

Proper exercise recovery strengthens your body & enhances your performance. Massage, cold therapy, yoga & specialized stretching classes – it’s all here, waiting for you.

Pamper Yourself

Immerse yourself in a luxury. Be nourished by gourmet food, inspired by exercise programming, and rejuvenated among tropical amenities.

Rediscover how good healthy feels.

Give yourself some well-deserved attention.

A healthier, stronger & more resilient you is waiting. No matter what your health goal, we meet you where you are & help you restore so you can go further.

Weight Loss

Nourished, restored, inspired & confident – you’ll be even closer to your goals. Bounce back stronger with exercise recovery & building your resilience.

Health Conditions

Give your body some well-deserved attention & be inspired by renewed strength, performance & resilience. Your possibilities are endless when you take time to recover.


Stress has detrimental impacts on your health that can impact sleep, heart health & more. Recover with support from our medically supervised programs.


Escape to where you can rejuvenate your health. Be inspired. Discover & revive healthy lifestyle habits that bring you joy.

Is Your Health Craving for Attention?

It’s time to live your best life. All the experts & personalized help you need to succeed are right here.

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