What Pritikin Guests Say About Their Stay

Pritikin Guests Share Their Personal Stories and Reviews of the Pritikin Longevity Center

It's a story of health and renewal. And it's been happening at Pritikin for over 40 years. Listen to these past Pritikin guests share their stories of blood pressure plummeting to normal levels, within days. Cholesterol and blood sugar numbers falling. Angina disappearing. Excess fat melting away. And energy levels soaring.

Guided Tour with Pritikin Guest

Let guest Robert C be your host, as he shows you how a stay changed his life, and can change yours too, while giving you a sneak peek at how he did it with the support of the Pritikin experts during his time here.

Margarita Lost Weight and Regained Her Energy

After hearing about Pritikin from Raul de Molina, from the hit TV show El Gordo y La Flaca, Margarita decided it was time to take charge of her health and started her own success story with a stay at Pritikin.

Getaway to Good Health

50% of Pritikin guests have stayed with us multiple times and Caroline is no exception. The healthy habits she learns at Pritikin are habits she puts into practice at home and her repeat visits only help take her to the next level.

A Family Tradition

Monty's father had "tremendous high blood pressure" and a heart attack before he was sixty. His visit to Pritikin extended his life. Now Monty is a guest at Pritikin.

Pritikin Video Review from Yelp

Our guests have changed- and saved- their own lives by taking charge of their health and investing in a stay at Pritikin. Learn about their successes in this short video.

“I’m back to my high school weight.”

"I was morbidly obese," acknowledges the real estate developer and father of three. Today, he's down to 12% body fat. Yep, he's in the athletic range.

Adam Lost 100 Pounds

"Pritikin Saved My Life!"

"I Was a Fat Man Heading for Death"

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I'm back to my high school weight!
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