What Pritikin Guests Say About Their Stay

Pritikin Guests Share Their Personal Stories and Reviews of the Pritikin Longevity Center

It's a story of health and renewal. And it's been happening at Pritikin for over 40 years. Listen to these past Pritikin guests share their stories of blood pressure plummeting to normal levels, within days. Cholesterol and blood sugar numbers falling. Angina disappearing. Excess fat melting away. And energy levels soaring.

Practice the Buddy System with Your Better Half and Get Healthy as a Couple

Leon and Tensel came to Pritikin to get healthy together and went home armed with the tools they need to not only stay healthy, but to support each other and keep each other accountable! Two heads are better than one. Hear how it all started!

Guided Tour with Pritikin Guest

Let guest Robert C be your host, as he shows you how a stay changed his life, and can change yours too, while giving you a sneak peek at how he did it with the support of the Pritikin experts during his time here.

Review of the Pritikin Diet

100 Pounds Down! How Pritikin Helped a Guest Take His Life Back in Three Days

As a practicing physician, Dr. Lubin had preached weight loss to his patients, but was never able to eat healthy himself. His before & after photos show how a weekend health retreat at Pritikin changed that.

A Family Tradition

ā€œIā€™m back to my high school weight.ā€

Pritikin Video Review from Yelp

Margarita Lost Weight and Regained Her Energy

Adam Lost 100 Pounds

"Pritikin Saved My Life!"

Getaway to Good Health

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I'm back to my high school weight!
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