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Our guests’ success stories are inspirational, eye opening, and touching. Everyone has their own unique tale of how they ended up at Pritikin, but one common thread is the happy ending. The time is now to change YOUR life, but don’t take it from us! Hear how a stay at Pritikin has drastically improved our guests lives and can enhance yours too!

Before & After One Week at Pritikin

“I would cry every single day, because nothing was working. That’s desperation.” -- Lisa S. (After a One-Week Stay at Pritikin)

Video of physicians getting healthy

Dr. Sanjeev Kaul, MD, shares a "powerful moment" at Pritikin

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Alina Dellanzo DDS, shares what happened after just 4 days at Pritikin

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Marco Explains Why He Didn't "Worry About Getting Covid" at Pritikin

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Ellen | Why She Came To Pritikin During the Pandemic

taylor kelly

Taylor Talks About Her "Amazing Journey" at Pritikin

Guided Tour with Pritikin Guest

Kenneth Oleson

How Adam Lost 100 Pounds

Get Healthy as a Couple

“I’m back to my high school weight.”

Pritikin Saved David's Life

Margarita Regained Her Energy

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