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Week One

14-Day Pritikin Meal Plan

14-Day Meal Plan for Health and Weight Loss

Every day for 14 days, you won’t have to worry about what to eat. Just follow this easy Pritikin Meal Plan, which includes breakfast straight through to evening dessert. Its focus is simple meals. You’ll never get lost in complicated recipes.

Week One Shopping List

Grocery List for Your Healthy Meal Plan

WHOLE GRAIN: Bread, whole wheat Couscous, whole wheat Crackers, whole-wheat low-sodium Crispbread (like Kavli Crispbreads®) Rice, brown or brown basmati rice Oatmeal (rolled or quick cooking) Oats, whole grain Pasta, whole wheat penne Popcorn (Air popped) – Bearito’s no-salt, no-oil variety is one option Tortilla, whole wheat (no salt added) [sociallocker id=”16433″] DAIRY: Cheese, fat-free…

Day One | Start Eating Right!

Start Your Healthy Meal Plan

Breakfast – Start Eating Right! Cook in the microwave: ½ cup whole-grain oats and 1 cup water. Top with nonfat milk or soymilk, and fruit, such as sliced strawberries and sliced bananas. By switching from a bowl of cold, dried cereal to one of hot whole-grain cereal and fruit, you’ll take in approximately 100 fewer…

Day Two | Lower Blood Pressure

Day Two of a 14 Day Meal Plan for Health and Weight Loss

Thousands have come to the Pritikin Longevity Center to lower blood pressure. Cutting salt intake is key. You’ll learn how in our 14-Day Meal Plan For Health and Weight Loss.

Day Four | Big Salads For Weight Loss

Day Four of A Healthy Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Super-sizing makes good sense when it comes to salads. In Pritikin’s 14-Day Meal Plan For Health and Weight Loss, learn how to make big salads for weight loss that are full of fresh greens, colorful veggies, and calorie-light toppings.

Day Six – Healthy Comfort Food

Pritikin Healthy Comfort Food

Breakfast 3-egg-white omelet with grilled onions, mushrooms, and red bell peppers ½ whole-grain bagel with 2 teaspoons 100% fruit spread, no sugar added 1 cup tea or coffee with nonfat milk or soymilk and 1 packet of sugar substitute. [sociallocker id=”16433″] Midmorning Snack – Healthy Comfort Food With a Kick! 1 apple One 6-inch corn…

Day Seven | Snack Smarter

Hummus Dip Snack

Want a lean, healthy body? Snack smarter with treats like our homemade Pritikin hummus. A schmear has about one-seventh the calories of butter or mayo.

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