Pritikin Center: COVID-19 Update

In this difficult time, pritikin staff have committed to providing an environment where guests feel safe and self-assured, so that they can concentrate on the inspiring and life changing benefits of the program. As we reopen our facilities to new guests and old friends, we want each person to feel confident that they are coming into a facility that we have made as safe as possible.

To accomplish our safety goals, we have made several operational and program changes to comply with the CDC and City of Doral guidelines. We have listed them below.

  • Social Distancing

  • Temperatures Taken Daily

  • Increased Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • One Way Traffic Patterns

  • Mandatory Face Masks in Group Areas

  • Reduced Guest Capacity

  • Reduced Class Sizes

  • Changes in Cooking and Serving Procedures

  • Smaller Exercise Classes

We would like to once again reassure you that you are in good hands here at Pritikin, where we have gone above and beyond to ensure a safe and sanitary program experience.