Best diets for Diabetes

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best diets for diabetes 2023

Need support with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or fat loss? We’re the experts – all under one roof.

Pritikin ranked among the Best Diets for Diabetes.

Come take care of your metabolic health. Take control of your blood sugars.

More than what’s on your fork, change the tune of your metabolic health here. From the best recipes to exercises, sleep to stress management strategies, team up with Pritikin’s renowned experts to take control of your blood sugar.

Did you know you can have insulin resistance for years – and, not know it?

Uncover whether insulin resistance is preventing you from reaching your health goals – just one of the many ways a stay at Pritikin transforms your health & longevity.

Much more than a diet, a stay at Pritikin is a wellness experience that transforms your health:

  • Learn about your metabolic health
  • Look your metabolic markers with our Medical team
  • Discover ways to adjust your lifestyle to reach your goals
  • Be empowered to take control of your health

There’s not one plan that works for everybody.

Customized healthy lifestyle programs – available only at Pritikin.

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Learn More About Pritikin

Create a plan to take it one step at a time. Reach your goals with a healthy lifestyle customized to support your unique health goals, with the help of Pritikin experts.

This is so much more than a diet – Pritikin is a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Come Discover (Your) Wellness.


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Are you taking or considering a medication for weight loss?

By combining the Pritikin Program with Ozempic, Wegovy, or ZepBound, you can safely accelerate weight loss, reduce side effects, preserve lean body mass, and enhance long-term metabolic health for optimal success.