Successful fat loss is more than what you eat (or don’t eat)

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Successful fat loss

Did you know insulin resistance prevents fat loss?

Known as the hunger hormone, correcting underlying insulin resistance may be the secret to your success.

40% of Americans experience insulin resistance.

– University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2021

The problem is you can have insulin resistance for years, and not know it. Metabolic health is not measured in regular bloodwork.

Uncover what is preventing you from losing weight with help from Pritikin’s Experts.

Reach Your Goals Faster

Tap into your metabolism with help from Pritikin experts

  • Comprehensive physician-led analysis of your health
  • Personalized exercise strategy
  • Nutritional advice
  • Sleep & stress strategies

You can overcome the hurdles in the way of your health goals.

A stay at Pritikin is a personalized wellness experience:

  • One-on-one consultations*
  • Insights into your body’s composition & health
  • Interactive wellness seminars
  • Nutrition & cooking workshops
  • Stress management
  • Sleep solutions
  • Set attainable goals to achieve success
  • Establish metabolic benchmarks
  • See beyond the scale with Fit3D & Dexa scans
  • Be ready to relaunch into your life with various at-home support programs

*Select medical programs include physicians’ consultations, that may include a Cardiologist or Endocrinologist.

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Are you taking or considering a medication for weight loss?

Combining the Pritikin Program with Semaglutide or other weight loss medications could potentially speed up weight loss, reduce side effects, preserve lean body mass, and support long-term metabolic health.