Improve your Body Composition and Posture at Pritikin with this innovative technology

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Fit3D Body Scanner is a state-of-the-art technology created in collaboration with DEXA, the gold standard of body composition, to offer a technology, a 3D scanning system that uses infrared photos to determine someone’s body composition.

The Fit3D scanner is for just about anybody! There’s this old saying if you can measure it, you can improve it. It’s a great thing to know from the get-go – “here’s where I am and have something to compare it to over time.”

Before such great technologies evolved, we used to use these things called skin calipers. And we would pinch and measure with this piece of equipment on three different parts in the body. And from there we’d use formulas to determine somebody’s body fat percentage. It was good to have something, but it was dependent on the technician. If they pinched too much, if they didn’t pitch enough, or pinched in the wrong areas – there are a lot of variables and a lot of room for error. Between the medical community, the exercise science community, and technology, we’ve been able to develop something like the Fit3D, which is an amazing tool for all those things.

The Fit3D does three things: it gives us your body composition analysis, and by that we mean the percentage of fat mass and the percentage of lean body mass, it gives us your body shape rating, and it gives us great information about your postural analysis.

It’s a scanning unit where over 1000 pictures are taken with three different cameras. It uses an Infrared System (not X Ray). From that scan, you see a 3D avatar of your body, including everything from your neck down to your calves. And from those values, we can determine your body composition.

Secondly, the proprietary system includes something that they call the BSR, which is the body shape rating. BSR shows where your internal fat (visceral fat) is located. We know that the most dangerous fat is often the fat that surrounds the organs and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Then you have the postural analysis, the plates that you stand on are also balance plates. A plumb line analysis across and down throughout your body will show where you may have some imbalances. Maybe there’s a shoulder lift, or a head tilt, or a hip hike. The foot plates also show you where your weight is placed. This gives us insight into movement issues that you might be having. This is all done in less in less than a minute of scanning.

Before you come in, you must wear tight fitting workout clothes. Your hair must be up. Then we enter the data into the system. You’ll then stand on the scale, hold on to the bars. The table will then slowly rotate you in front of the cameras. That takes around 60 seconds. From that, we collect the data and review the results with you.

After the consultation, a Pritikin Guest can choose to work with one of the Pritikin exercise physiologists to create a program to train while you’re here or to create a program to take home. Now your training will more powerful and purposeful because we know so much more about you. When you return to Pritikin, you have a bit of an accountability for specific and unique goals. To know this kind of in-depth knowledge in such a simple and clean way only enhances that, and it can be incredibly motivating and empowering.

If you are enrolled in a Pritikin Program and you’re interested in the Fit3D, simply sign up at the Fitness Desk or with your Program Coordinator, they will book 45 minutes session that involves the body scan and the consultation afterwards.

Take advantage of this new technology during your next visit to Pritikin.

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