How to Get Quick Health Results

6 Best Food Combinations for Your Health

The top love affairs to pair on your plate for quick health results.

Food Combinations that add up to quick health results

Some food combinations just "go together" - Garlic and onions. Rice and beans. Salmon and broccoli. In this article we explore flavorful food combinations that not only taste great, but work together to help you get quick health results.

From Oprah Winfrey and Stedman to Jenny and Forest Gump, sometimes two great things are even better when together. According to leading nutrition experts and scientists, you can get quick health results if you combine certain foods on your plate, compared to eating just one healthy food on its own. Blueberries might not sound like oatmeal’s Yoko Ono, but when these foods are combined, it’s a story that has a happily ever after ending. Research shows a few healthy additions to your plate may help you accelerate your health results. Keep reading – these food combinations may be some of the most iconic love stories of all time.

Does Eating Healthy Really Make a Difference?

There are some foods we simply should break-up with before it turns into a tragic love story. Researchers and health experts repeatedly found convincing evidence that food has a large impact on health outcomes. In the Global Burden of Disease Study, which analyzed the food intake of people in 195 countries, the researchers found 11 million deaths could be attributed to poor food choices. What you eat may be predicting how well you will live. The data showed cardiovascular disease was the leading cause of diet-related deaths, followed by cancers, and type 2 diabetes. A high intake of sodium was flagged as a major problem for heart disease. Sodium is commonly added to restaurant and take-out food and is found in packaged, convenience foods, such as chips, some pasta sauces, crackers, and frozen pizzas. Low intake of whole grains was noted as the leading dietary risk factor for mortality among women. According to the data, a simple change to eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains could improve your health dramatically. It’s time to break up with convenience foods and start a love affair with whole grains, vegetables, fish, and beans. Here’s how…

How to Get Quick Health Results

Off the top of your head, you can probably list a handful of foods you’ve been told will help you reach your health goal. Whether you’re trying to treat diabetes and prediabetes with food, or trying to eat a breakfast to lower your cholesterol there are lots of foods known to help you get closer to reaching and sustaining your health goals, such as fish and berries. Now, if eating one of these foods offers your body healthy benefits, imagine what happens if you eat more than one? Better yet, scientists have discovered that when you combine certain foods on your plate it enhances how good they are for you – a deliciously, simple way to get quick health results.

6 Best Food Combinations for Quick Health Results

  1. Blueberries and Oatmeal
  2. Salmon and Broccoli
  3. Garlic and Onions
  4. Kale and Mushrooms
  5. Lettuce and Tomatoes
  6. Rice and Beans

6 Best Food Combinations for Quick Health Results

1. | Blueberries and Oatmeal

It will be a hot date when you pair blueberries with oatmeal. This steamy food combination can help you get quick health results. Oats contain fibers, in particular beta-glucan, which supports heart health. Studies show eating oats reduces LDL cholesterol, non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and apolipoprotein B (three markers of cardiovascular disease). The problem with cholesterol is it can build up in your arteries, and form plaques along the artery lining under inflammatory conditions. These plaques increase your risk of serious cardiovascular events, such as a heart attack. Yes, oats are quite the catch, but your heart may love it, even more, when you pair them with blueberries. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants that are known to reduce inflammation, a key player in heart disease. Blueberries contain a large number of helpful nutrients, called phytochemicals. The most abundant are anthocyanins. Population studies show regular, moderate intake of blueberries reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, death, and type 2 diabetes. Studies show Your oatmeal can’t wait for its hot breakfast date tomorrow with blueberries.

2. | Salmon and Broccoli

Got a hankering for salmon, then you might want to pair it with broccoli or broccoli sprouts. Science suggests it might be worth putting these two foods together to get quick health results. Salmon is known for its health benefits. Salmon is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, famous for their anti-inflammatory and heart benefits, with studies showing eating fish 2 to 4 times per week may lower the risk of death by 31% than those who consume no fish. But, did you know salmon was also a source of selenium? Selenium is a mineral that is essential to human health. Selenium has been found in research to reduce the risk of cancer. When selenium is paired with sulforaphane, found in broccoli, the health effects may be better. According to researchers, broccoli sprouts enriched in selenium had a superior ability against prostate cancer cells in a laboratory study.

3. | Garlic and Onions

According to experts, it’s clear that if one fancies garlic, you may want to bring onions along. How often do you see these two getting steamy together as the base to a curry, soup, or stir-fry? Watching them simmer away at the bottom of the pot is a relaxing way to lower your stress at the end of a hard day. Your blood pressure may also be lower when you eat garlic – several clinical studies show garlic reduced blood pressure in more than 80% of patients with high blood pressure. This bulbous herb has more love to give your heart – in a review of 39 trials on the effects of garlic on blood lipids, researchers concluded garlic helps lower total serum cholesterol in those with high cholesterol levels. Garlic and onions have been a dynamic duo for 4000 years. As for avoiding them on a first date, I’m sure love at first sight won’t mind a little bad breath. Beneficial separately, garlic and onions together might be even better. Onions’ ability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation is impressive. Garlic and onions are a beautiful coupling (it’s okay if it brings a tear to your eye).

4. | Kale and Mushrooms

A mushroom entangled in kale is a food combination that may help you get quick health results. Kale is an example of a vegetable source of calcium. You can use that bone-healthy calcium in kale better when you have vitamin D around. So, entangle your mushrooms in kale! Mushrooms are one of the few food sources of vitamin D. Mushrooms and kale are also delicious when paired together – compliment the crunchy kale in a salad with the earthy flavor from warm mushrooms. Or, take this Wild Mushroom Soup to the next level by adding in finely chopped kale for the bit of the simmer, and puree them together to let these lovers get properly entangled.

5. | Lettuce and Tomatoes

Lettuce celebrate the romance happening in your salad. Not only do leafy green vegetables and your brain have a love story that will pass the test of time, but you also have to admire the iconic coupling of lettuces and tomatoes It’s almost unbeLEAFable what researchers from the Tufts Human Nutrition Research Center in Boston found about lettuce and your aging brain. Among a group of 960 older adults, those who ate more leafy green vegetables (spinach, kale, collards, and lettuce) exhibited a less cognitive decline. The researchers found those who ate more than one serving of leafy green vegetables per day were 11 years younger cognitively than those who consumed about one serving per week.

It’s okay to fall head over heels for lettuce, as that’s exactly what happens to tomatoes when you put them together. Leafy greens, such as lettuce, kale, or spinach, contain plant-based iron. Iron plays a key role in energy levels. Iron helps carry oxygen from your lungs to all of the cells in your body. Without oxygen, everything is harder. Low iron levels are common among pre-menstrual women, and vegetarians/vegans. Getting the energizing iron from leafy greens into your body is easier when tomatoes are around. The vitamin C in tomatoes helps you absorb iron. In fact, there are many delicious vitamin C-rich vegetables you could add to your leafy greens to boost iron absorption, including a refreshing squirt of lemon juice, zippy slices of red onion, or crunchy strips of bell peppers. It’s a healthy choice to love lettuce – tomatoes sure do! If we listen carefully, we might even hear tomatoes say, ‘I love you, lettuce, from my head to-ma-toes’.

6. | Rice and Beans

Eating more plant-based protein is important, and rice and beans are a couple that’s been having a love affair for centuries, with good reason. Rice and beans together create what dieticians call a complete amino acid profile. Your body needs all of the essential amino acids to be healthy, and be able to create the proteins, enzymes, and hormones it needs to function well. Animal meats are complete protein sources (contain all essential amino acids), hence their historic popularity in some diet plans. However, a healthy eating plan that helps lower heart disease, and promotes longevity, is one with many plant-based protein meals. Stick these two foods, rice and beans, together on your plate and they’ll help you get quick health results compared to just eating one of these alone.

Quick Health Results

Fall in love with vegetables, or play matchmaker for your oatmeal by introducing it to some berries. No matter which iconic love story you choose to put on your plate first, know that it’s a great way to improve your health, and like many good things, putting good foods together, may help you get quick health results.

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