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Health & Fitness Inspired Technology

The Health & Fitness Inspired Technology lecture provides guests with an overview of how technology is leading the way by providing cutting edge solutions in key areas of fitness such as:

  • Health & fitness self-assessment tools
  • Virtual coaching platforms
  • Adaptive exercise programming
  • Interactive music applications
  • Biometric feedback and tracking options
  • Apps and devices for related areas in recovery, nutrition, hydration and stress management

Each area discussed features demonstrations and specific recommendations regarding wearables, applications, and interactive platforms.

Education is Power: Let’s Dia-beat-this!

In this powerful lecture you’ll learn how to spot pre-diabetic conditions and when to test for diabetes. Learn the importance of how blood glucose is controlled in your body. Get to know how the pancreas and kidney are affected by diabetes. Understand why early lifestyle modification is key to treating Type 2 Diabetes.

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Going Home? Oh No! How to Overcome Food Challenges

Come experience an interactive workshop for 2nd week guests and grads to work with your Pritikin Nutritionist and fellow Pritikinites to solve challenges encountered while following the Pritikin Eating Plan. Learn new tips, strategies, ideas for menu planning, restaurants, and travel. Leave with a solid plan to reach your health goals!

The Power of Herbs & Spices

Pritikin’s award-winning chefs will conduct a hands on, show and tell presentation of the differences, and of the creative and varied uses of spices and herbs and how the use of these ingredients will literally spice up the enjoyment and flavor of your daily meals and snacks.

High Blood Pressure | What’s Salt Got to Do with It?

Learn why your blood pressure numbers are important to know and understand. Review the causes of hypertension, and how to prevent and treat it. You’ll be amazed at the amount of salt found in food. Find out where the salt is hiding in both natural and not so natural foods.

Label Reading 2.0

Label guidelines have changed and so has our lecture! Don’t be caught off guard the next time you go to the supermarket. Head to this lecture to ensure that you know how to shop smart. We’ll arm you with the latest label reading tools so that when you head to the market you’ll know exactly what to look for. Plus, pick up the latest version of our grocery shopping list.

The Preventables

Sometimes called diseases of affluence, these diseases appear to be more common in wealthier nations. A combination of a sedentary lifestyle and easy access to a variety of unhealthy foods are a recipe for disaster. This lecture will provide you with an in depth look at the most common causes of health concerns in the US today and tips on how to prevent and reverse some of them.

Let the Good Times Roll

Smiling, laughing and connecting socially are all good for the body, mind and soul. Join us for some lighthearted activities to wrap up your day.

  • Casino Nights

    Enjoy an evening of high stakes fun right here at Pritikin. Our guests are invited to play blackjack and roulette during our new casino night, (for funny money, of course). Prizes will be given to the winners!

  • Movie Nights

    During your stay at Pritikin you can now unwind and relax at the new, luxurious Cinebistro theater, catching a new movie in a comfortable, oversized recliner. You’ll also enjoy complimentary transportation to the theater and Pritikin-approved popcorn on offer!

  • Bowling Nights

    A fun night out to hit the lanes at a unique entertainment venue in CityPlace Doral, King’s Bowl features multiple bowling lanes, pool tables, shuffleboard and more.

  • Golf Clinic

    Fore! On property golf pros from the Rick Smith golf school will be providing tips and tricks to improve your game.

From eye-opening lectures, unique cooking classes and fun activities, 2018 is shaping up to be a year filled with creative and educational measures to help you reach your goals. Our staff is thrilled to see these programs take off and we look forward to having you join in the fun. As Jamie Costello, Director of Fitness, told us, “I’m so excited to introduce Pritikin guests to new and fresh programming!”

*Offerings subject to change.

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