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Reserve your January stay by December 31st and enhance your transformative journey with these complimentary services.

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A Life-changing experience

Pritikin Program

Integrated wellness education, fitness, nutrition, and more with the option for physician support.

Personal Consults

Tailored personal training and nutrition consultations to maximize your wellness goals.

Events & Speakers

Enriching activities amplify the depth of experience and knowledge for holistic well-being.

Support at Home

Remote support ensures your sustained progress and integration of newfound wellness practices at home.

Guests enjoy a tropical paradise at the Pritikin Wellness Retreat.

The Personal Touch

Get a Food and Fitness Plan Customized For You

Explore a personalized holistic wellness path designed exclusively for your health goals, fitness potential, and dedication, crafting a journey that’s truly yours.

Private Nutrition Consultation

Your private nutrition consultation is your tailored guide to personalizing the Pritikin Program. With expert guidance, it addresses your specific health goals and equips you with strategies for a balanced meal plan and optimal nutrition choices, empowering sustainable changes for improved well-being.

Personal Training Session

A personal fitness training session is your pathway to customized fitness within the Pritikin Program. This individualized session, guided by fitness experts, targets your unique health objectives. It provides tailored exercises and techniques, empowering you to reach your fitness milestones while fostering a sustainable, active lifestyle.

Or call +1.844.947.0441 to speak to a dedicated Program Advisor

Kickstart the New Year!

Events & Guest Speakers

Get more out of your stay with special guest speakers and programs offered in January.

Writing Your Life Story

In this hands-on masterclass, Patricia Charpentier Owner/Founder Writing Your Life & Life Writers, will discuss how to retrieve long-forgotten memories, painlessly organize your stories, tell an anecdote in an interesting and creative way, and so much more.

Cooking Like a Pro

This series of 5 hands-on cooking classes will improve your abilities and confidence in the kitchen to prepare a variety of healthy dishes, from soups to main meals, and even desserts. Come learn how to create all of your favorite Pritikin meals.

The Foundation Of Our Mobility

Embark on a week-long journey into the world of podiatry. Join us for a series of engaging events designed to raise awareness about the importance of foot health and the role podiatrists play in ensuring overall well-being.

New Year Resolution Support

Elevate your 2024! Engage in resolution-focused workshops, luncheons, and exclusive sessions to kickstart your year. Receive commemorative swag to celebrate your journey and accomplishments.

Continued Support at Home

When you begin your transformation at Pritikin in January, you'll get 12-weeks of continued support after you return home.

Remote Nutrition Consultation

(30 Minutes)

Remote Exercise Consultation

30 Minutes

Remote Behavioral Consultation

45 minutes

Home Exercise Prescription

Get a take home exercise program and 12 weeks of support, motivation and coaching.
Enhance your experience during extended stays in January! Enjoy the Post-Stay Package perks and receive an additional Nutrition Consultation while staying two weeks or longer.
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Your Wellness Journey Starts Here

In January, regardless of our starting point, we all aspire to live fully. At Pritikin, we champion longevity for everyone—be it the determined, the brave, or the inquisitive. Each stride here propels you towards a more wholesome self. Join us at Pritikin and embark on your journey to sustainable mind and body wellness.
Or call +1.844.947.0441 to speak to a dedicated Program Advisor
This offer is only valid when you stay one week or more in January 2024. You must secure your reservation by 12/31/2023 and must arrive by 01/25/2024. It cannot be combined with other offers.
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Are you taking or considering a medication for weight loss?

Combining the Pritikin Program with Semaglutide or other weight loss medications could potentially speed up weight loss, reduce side effects, preserve lean body mass, and support long-term metabolic health.