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Pritikin Staff Showcases Collaborative Events

At Pritikin Longevity Center, it's the physicians, nutritionists, personal trainers, chefs and dedicated staff members who know our guests best. These experts are the ones who advise and counsel and the ones who talk, eat, laugh and support our guests throughout their Pritikin journey. This year, members of our staff have taken their insider knowledge and joined forces to develop new initiatives that will help further your journey at Pritikin.

See what our staff members have been collaborating on to bring to you this year!

See what our staff members have been collaborating on to bring to you this year!

The end result of this collaboration is the creation of a number of exciting new programs and lectures launching now.

Exercise Rx – Your Fitness Prescription Lecture

Are you curious how you will continue your Pritikin Exercise Plan once you return home to the real world? Then join our Fitness Director Jamie Costello to learn what it takes to create and implement a successful exercise plan at home during this interactive discussion. With more than 25 years of experience with clients of all levels, Jamie is committed to helping guests achieve their goals. You’ll walk out of the lecture feeling prepared and energized to continue your hard work at home.

Nutrition Fads and Myths

The battle of debunking diet trends never ends: Every year there is a new claim that sends followers on a new miracle diet. To explain and dispel the latest fads and myths surrounding nutrition, Nutritionist Lon Ben Asher will host a weekly luncheon. Join other guests to eat, listen and discuss the newest fads to hit the market and learn how to recognize and avoid them.

Voyage of Food: From the Mouth Down South

Do you really know what happens to all of the food you consume once you’ve swallowed it? The latest physician to join the Pritikin team, Dr. Laurie Boge, is ready to share it with you. Part of a healthy lifestyle is being informed on not just what you put in your body, but how that food is then processed and affects your physical well-being, for better or for worse.

Culinary Medicine Cooking School

Thinking of food as medicine for your body can help to transform your entire outlook on eating well. We are excited to launch an exclusive program at Pritikin that brings together the expertise and viewpoints of our chefs, nutritionists and physicians in a single workshop. Medical Director, Dr. Seth Marquit and Director of Nutrition Kimberly Gomer will join our Executive Chef Anthony Stewart in the Cooking Cove to deliver a weekly 3D overview of how our chefs make your medicine.

Sunday Brunch and Taco Tuesdays

Just because you’re at Pritikin doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite meal of the week. Spearheaded by Chef Anthony, guests will be invited to a weekly Sunday brunch with a fresh and delicious nutrient-rich spread. And don’t miss the debut of our bi-weekly Taco Tuesday on February 21st. We’re celebrating with a Mexican Fiesta and hope you’ll be here to join in the fun.

Sip High Tea in the Lounge

Once a week, do like the British and join us for delectable finger foods and a variety of tea in the lounge.

Movie Nights

During your stay at Pritikin you can now unwind and relax at the end of the day with a movie screening in the Pritikin Lecture Hall. This initiative will feature four different films each month – and there may even be popcorn!

From eye-opening lectures, unique cooking classes and fun activities, 2017 is shaping up to be a year filled with creative and educational measures to help you reach your goals. Our staff is thrilled to see these programs take off and we look forward to having you join in the fun. As Jamie told us, “I’m so excited to introduce Pritikin guests to new and fresh programming!”

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