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All the events and special sessions in our Calendar run concurrently with our core Pritikin Health and Weight-Loss Program, which means you’ll receive the full benefit of our core program plus, if you desire, the special programs.

Children at Pritikin

Children of all ages enjoy the Pritikin Family Health Camp and Kids Camp at Trump.

When considering a health vacation at the Pritikin Center, one of the first things many people ask is, “What about my children? Can they come with me?” Yes! Every summer we conduct the Pritikin Family Health Camp, and year-round there’s an on-site Kids Camp. So go ahead and plan your Pritikin health vacation, kids and all. Enjoy healthy, delicious food created by our award-winning chefs. Learn how to become a healthy chef yourself. Exercise under the guidance of board-certified physicians. Shed weight. Get your blood pressure and other heart disease risk factors under control. And develop a whole new zest for life. Your kids won’t recognize you.

Corporate Health Retreats

Corporate Health and Team Building

Runs all year long.
Pritikin Corporate Health Retreats are one of the best investments you can make. Employees return to work revitalized and with improved health.

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