Why Am I Not Happy?

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Your health makes you happier than money!

How to be happy

With some simple lifestyle changes you can start to feel healthier and happier within days. Here are 7 scientifically-backed healthy lifestyle changes to help you find more happiness.

1. Go big on fiber, easy on the treats

You probably already know that your mood and food are deeply entwined. Simply consider those mood swings after eating sugary treats or the irritability brought on by indigestion. According to research, being happy actually promotes eating healthier foods, such as fruits, vegetable, whole grains, eggs, fish and chicken. Yet, to lift your mood you seek out a sugary treat. A sugary treat may taste like a sweet idea; however, research studies have found those who eat more sweets are less happy.

2. Be active

Getting sweaty feels good. Really, it does! Being physically active causes chemical changes in the brain which can help improve your mood. It also brings a sense of greater self-esteem. An analysis of 36 studies found a strong relationship between physical activity and mental wellness. Being more physically active improves heart health, blood pressure and some joint related pain. It also enhances blood sugar control and weight loss.

3. See the glass as full

If you’ve been wondering why am I not healthy? Consider if you see the glass as half full or half empty. Canadian researchers discovered that your outlook on life may be a big factor in your health. Their study involving over 1700 adults found a significant relationship between how a person experiences positive sensations, emotions and sentiments, and their potential to have a cardiovascular event (heart attack, stroke) within the next decade.

4. Connect

Feeling good about ourselves and the world around us is, by definition, mental wellbeing.
You build a sense of belonging and self-worth when you make connections with other human beings and social animals. You feel happier and more secure when you build stronger and wider social connections.

5. Give

Another great way to connect is to volunteer. Even the smallest acts of kindness can improve your mental health. It could be as simple as offering a smile or holding the door for another person. Giving truly brings happiness.

6. Be mindful

You can positively change the way you feel about life by being in the present moment. It is easy to get caught up in your thoughts and not notice how your thoughts are driving your emotions and behaviour. Stop! Take a deep breath. Take in the sights, sounds, smells and sensations around you.

7. Get help. You don’t have to struggle to be healthy.

There are experts who have helped thousands of people be healthy and happy. It is possible! You can enjoy a proper night sleep, ditch medications which have undesirable side effects, and eat delicious foods without spiking your blood sugar, blood pressure or waistline. Find what healthy feels like with the help of an integrated team of medical professionals using Pritikin’s proven healthy lifestyle program

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