Why You Should Choose to Stay at a Health Resort for Weight Loss

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The reason you should choose a health resort for weight loss

Although many of us might benefit from losing weight to some degree, it can be hard to navigate through the pills and potions pushed by scammers to find legitimate tools that aid in healthy, regulated weight loss. Demoralized from years of yo-yo dieting and fitness crazes that overpromise and underdeliver, we can’t be blamed for sometimes giving up.

Happily, the health resort is a solution that has helped many people undergo a transformative lifestyle change and maintain a healthy weight over time. But how is a stay at a health resort different from other solutions?

You’ll be in the care of qualified medical professionals

When you stay at an all-inclusive weight-loss resort, you won’t be led by a bearded guru with questionable credentials or subjected to a barrage of infomercials. Every part of the program will be guided by top-tier physicians, nutritionists, fitness trainers, and behavioral science specialists.

At the beginning of your stay, you can expect a comprehensive physical, where you’ll review any health conditions or medications you’re taking and make a customized plan for safe weight loss. Throughout your time in the program, you’ll consult with doctors to track your progress and monitor any conditions such as hypertension or diabetes.

“Pritikin has changed my life. I’ve gone to doctor after doctor after doctor, looking for the right recommendations. And someone would have put me on some serious drugs that would have frankly compromised my immune system, which today, I am so grateful I didn’t do,” said Pritikin guest Dale.

You’ll gain healthy cooking skills to use at home

If the mention of a meal at a health resort has you envisioning a plateful of dry lettuce, think again. These facilities are staffed by world-class chefs who stake their reputations on serving meals that are delicious and satisfying. Even better, you’ll take classes with these culinary masterminds, learning techniques you’ll be able to easily implement into your everyday routine. It’s one thing to realize that nutritious meals don’t have to taste bad; it’s another to learn that they’re easy to prepare at home.

Many programs also allow you to practice making healthy choices in real-life scenarios such as eating out at a restaurant or shopping at a supermarket. Additionally, you may have the opportunity to continue consulting with your doctor or nutritionist once you’ve returned home. The ethos of the healthcare resort is always centered on continuity and sustainability.

You’ll have personalized fitness assessments and training

The personalized attention won’t end with your medical appointments or culinary instruction. You’ll also benefit from individual consultations with fitness trainers who will help you create a plan for optimizing your cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility. You’ll join fitness classes with others who share your ability level, which provides a sense of camaraderie as you work out together throughout your stay.

Your customized fitness plan at a weight-loss resort will take into account orthopedic, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal care, arming you with fitness practices you can continue for months and years to come. Realizing that moderate daily exercise is an attainable goal can have powerful effects on your vitality and longevity.

Your other health concerns will be factored into your treatment

Before beginning any weight-loss program, it’s essential to understand how it may affect any existing health conditions you may have. Diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, as well as high cholesterol, must be considered when customizing any meal plan or fitness regimen.

When guided by qualified medical professionals, weight-loss programs can help prevent diabetes in prediabetic individuals and enable Type II diabetics to control their blood sugar levels. Many guests who have diabetes are amazed by the powerful effects simple shifts in diet and exercise can have on how they feel from moment to moment.

Similarly, the regimens practiced by science-backed health resorts can help guests lower bad forms of cholesterol such as LDL and non-HDL by transitioning to a diet that reduces bad fats and cholesterol and increases intake of whole, high-fiber foods. Such programs can also have an effect on reducing hypertension. This is especially significant, as many hypertension medications have dangerous side effects.

Why you should consider a health resort

By booking a stay at a healthcare resort staffed by professionals at the top of their fields—from physicians to chefs—you make a commitment to reevaluate your health from a holistic perspective with an eye toward adopting life-changing routines. What may surprise you is that many of these changes may be less difficult than you think.

The avalanche of fat-shrinking gizmos and pseudoscientific approaches peddled by the weight-loss industry may blind us to the fact that the road to better health isn’t actually that complicated—it just requires education, focus, and consistency. By taking time out of your normal routine to immerse yourself in an environment with qualified professionals and others dedicated to adopting a healthier lifestyle, you can make great strides toward a healthier future.

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