The Key To Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Isn’t What You Would Expect

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Healthy Lifestyle

Stress, among the most common detrimental lifestyle factors, is scientifically documented to cause health issues like weight gain and a compromised immune system. Effectively, in a converse perspective, the less stress present in life, the healthier someone can become.  But is that practical for most people to realize, considering the total elimination of stress is simply unrealistic? In consideration of the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, let’s explore several contributing factors that are straightforward and practical to control. 

What is The Key To A Healthy Lifestyle?

In pursuit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, no matter where someone may be in the process, there are two principal considerations which need to be addressed: persistence and commitment. Understanding these concepts, as they relate to setting goals and achieving them, is the foundation to establishing and ultimately sustaining a healthy lifestyle, indefinitely. 

If it was inherent in each of us to live healthy all the time, developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle wouldn’t even be a consideration. In a recent study which looked at the impact of healthy lifestyle factors on life expectancies, researchers investigated five low risk lifestyle behaviors and their impact on longevity.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is fraught with challenges and requires diligence over time. Still, just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Graduates who complete the Pritikin Program leave with an adaptable skillset and a wealth of education that supports healthy lifestyle behaviors, which in the long run, provides for a lifetime of health conscious perspective. Put simply, Pritikin Program graduates are able to take the knowledge they’ve gained and apply it to their life in a meaningful and sustainable way.

How You Can Benefit From A Health Resort?

Health resorts are a practical investment and transformative experience for focused individuals or couples who aspire to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle. All-inclusive health resorts provide the opportunity to step away from “the routine” and focus exclusively on health and wellness. Persistence and commitment as guiding principles are essential when laying the groundwork for a sustainable healthy lifestyle, but they don’t provide meaningful impact in the context of maintaining that lifestyle unless there is accountability.  

The most important factor to consider, particularly in the context of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, is that there is no “quick fix” to establishing and sustaining long term wellness. Fad diets and short-lived intense workout programs are not viable long term. It is  “balance and moderation” that provides sustainability. Extreme diets and fitness plans can sound appealing when it comes to “quick wins”, but the results are simply unsustainable. The Pritikin Program, at its core, focuses on establishing healthy behaviors and providing program participants with the resources to sustainably pursue a genuinely rewarding healthy lifestyle.  

Build Healthy Habits

One of the true “key” elements in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to seamlessly and conveniently integrate healthy behaviors in daily life. As part of the Pritikin Longevity Program, for example, an eclectic staff of medical professionals, dieticians, nutritionists, certified personal trainers, and award-winning chefs provide the guidance and structure to help guests create a routine that reflects a sustainable daily agenda.,The program, effectively, reinforces healthy behaviors as “normal” behaviors, which over time become second-nature. That enables graduates of the program to maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors long after their time at the Pritikin Center has ended, which is key in the context of longevity.  

Learn About What’s Important

Personal ambitions evolve naturally over time, both professionally and personally, but it takes discipline and motivation to integrate healthy lifestyle goals that require diligence to achieve.  One of the most distinct principles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to prioritize what’s most important – whether that’s physical fitness, losing weight, reducing medication dependency, or building rewarding relationships.  

Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as much about introspection as it is about reflection on what is important in life. Taking the time to “triage” health objectives and balance them with professional or personal obligations is one of the most formative “keys” to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The process of establishing personal health goals, and holding oneself accountable to them, is one of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


It’s a well known fact that Nathan Pritikin committed himself to understanding the metabolic and lifestyle factors which contributed to the longevity enjoyed by some of the world’s longest-living populations. In 1984, just months before Nathan Pritikin died, the National Institutes of Health published the “Lipid Research Clinical Trial,” the definitive study confirming that lowering cholesterol reduces heart disease risk. Its publication was a great source of comfort to Nathan Pritikin. Now, he knew, his work would continue, and many more lives would be saved from cardiovascular-related diseases.

In the context of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the principles of longevity reflect changes in dietary, nutritional, physical, and mental behaviors that result in a positive impact on the body and mind. It’s a daunting task, without question, to re-imagine and modify an established lifestyle which could very well be in complete contrast to desirable health and wellness goals. When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with an emphasis on longevity, one of the key principles is to focus exclusively on education – to thoroughly learn and understand how the body responds to healthy behaviors versus unhealthy behaviors (i.e. diet, exercise, psychological influence). Education, in that context, is by far one of the most important “keys” to establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Create A Healthy Lifestyle With The Pritikin Program

Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle without all the building blocks for success is an easy way to become discouraged and fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Pritikin staff of board-certified physicians, nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs provide the guidance, reinforcement, and support needed to establish and maintain the ultimate healthy lifestyle.  What’s the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle? It’s simple – experience the transformative All-Inclusive Program at Pritikin.

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