How to Marry Travel and Fitness This Summer

Incorporating fitness into summer vacation plans is important for your health, and can also show you a side of your destination that you would otherwise not see. Heather Montgomery of Through Heather’s Looking Glass shares her top five tips for marrying travel and fitness.

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This is a guest post by Heather Montgomery, a fitness enthusiast who works for Travel with the Magic, a travel agency and blogs about fitness at

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I like to travel a lot and incorporating fitness into vacations is really important to me.

In April, my husband and I went on a Disney cruise which stopped at Castaway Cay where we ran the Castaway Cay 5K. Running a 5K through a tropical island isn’t something you get to experience every day, and it left me with wonderful memories (and a little bit of a tan!)

Wherever my husband and I travel, we always try to plan a run or some kind of workout to experience new places and take in the sights. I’ve been lucky enough to run through places like Disney World, New Orleans, Several beaches along the Florida coast, Providence, St. Louis, Disneyland, and of course Castaway Cay.


Tips for Incorporating Fitness into Your Vacation

WomanManExerciseIncorporating fitness into summer vacation plans is important for your health, and can also show you a side of your destination that you would otherwise not see.

Here are my top five tips for marrying travel and fitness this summer:

  • 1. Bring a Water Bottle and Hydrate Often

    Whether you’re just going out for a leisurely afternoon stroll or an early morning run around town, it’s important to bring a water bottle and hydrate often. Especially if you are traveling to a climate you are not used to, your body may react differently than you think.

  • 2. Don’t Head Out Without Sunscreen and Sunglasses

    In many cities the summer weather will be HOT and some walking and running paths offer little to no shade. When possible try to get your outdoor fitness activities in during the early morning or late in the evening when the sun isn’t quite as hot. A visor or hat can keep your face cool and shaded, and be sure to slather on the SPF to keep yourself for burning.

  • 3. Turn Pool Time into Fitness Time

    Indoor gyms can be boring on an otherwise exciting vacation, and exercising outdoors in the heat may not be possible for some people. The next best thing is hitting the swimming pool for a game of volleyball, water aerobics, or swimming laps. You can even do something as simple as tread water for a good workout.

    You won’t get much of a workout by floating around in a raft, but that’s a great way to relax after your water workout!

  • 4. Pack a Traveling Fitness Kit

    Some days you won’t have time (or the drive) to hit the gym or the road and that’s ok!. For those days, it’s a good idea to have a traveling fitness kit on hand. While you’re packing your suitcase include a small bag that carries a jump rope, resistance bands, light weights (if you can manage it) and your laptop.

    Having fitness equipment with you will ensure you can get a quick workout in right from your hotel room. Having your laptop with you means you can fire up YouTube and follow along to some great fitness videos in your room. You can even do a morning yoga session right in your hotel room. What a way to start the day!

  • 5. Plan Your Fitness Activities in Advance

    If you know you want to stay active during vacation, plan your fitness activities ahead of time. You don’t need to stick to a tight schedule (you’re on vacation after all), but you should have an idea of what options you’ll have and which ones you want to take advantage of.

    Many destinations will offer options you don’t have at home such as hiking, swimming, kayaking, or snorkeling. If you’re not sure where to start with local options, contact a travel planner (like me!) and ask for advice.

Staying active on vacation will help you look and feel your best. Many of us indulge in food and drinks we normally wouldn’t while we’re away from home. Coupled with a lack of exercise, your body is sure to start feeling bad after a few days of indulgence. By incorporating fitness into your vacation your body will feel great during and after your next trip!

Author, Heather Montgomery

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