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Connect with old and new Pritikin friends worldwide. Share tips, support each other, laugh over your foibles, and applaud your successes. Together, you’ll turn healthy convictions into a healthy, vibrant, new life.

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  • Blogs | Share Your Story

    Made it through the store without picking up a Snicker’s Bar? Woo hoo! Share your stories with your Pritikin friends, triumphs and trials. The feedback you’ll get may change your life. Our Pritikin community is full of brilliant, wise, and witty folks, real veterans in the war on obesity and cardiovascular disease. They know what you’re going through, and they, along with our faculty at Pritikin, can share priceless advice.

  • Friend Finder

    Wonderful new friendships are made at the Pritikin Longevity Center. No matter the distance in miles, continue your friendships online, and make new ones. Enter criteria like “Pritikin Grad,” “city,” and “health interest.” You can then “Friend” people on the list or send messages.

    You’ll also enjoy our “Pritikin People” mini-bulletin board. Introduce yourself to other members and then browse through their posts to find like-minded people. The journey to better health is always easier and a lot more fun when you have friends sharing the ride.

  • Pritikin Answers

    Got questions? Get answers. Whenever you have a question about healthy living, call upon the brain trust of the Pritikin doctors, dietitians, exercise coaches, and psychologists. It’s like having your own team of healthy-living experts at your fingertips.

    Get right to the heart of what matters most to you.

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