Behavior Change Program

Everything begins in the mind. When we change our minds, we truly can change our lives.
Pritikin guests enjoy small-group workshops as well as one-on-one counseling that can help make your lifestyle commitments stick and enhance overall wellbeing.

Many guests appreciate the workshop entitled “New Goals, New Life, New Mindset.”

Also very popular are workshops on stress hardiness, managing your anger, relieving chronic anxiety, improving your relationships with others, and developing an overall healthy mental outlook, which is a key component in developing a healthy body.

Research has documented the most effective behavioral methods to achieve lasting results. Our lifestyle-change experts have incorporated these methods into our program. You will:

  • Discover keys to long-term weight loss and lifestyle change
  • Identify relapse triggers
  • Learn strategies to cope with high-risk situations
  • Learn to break the pattern of self-defeating thoughts
  • Improve your belief in your ability to change
  • Learn to manage stress

Don’t let personal obstacles hold you back from success. Whether it’s current problems or old deep-seated emotional issues, our psychologist as well as our physicians, dietitians, and exercise coaches, also experts in lifestyle change, can help you work through them, clearing your path to wellness and weight loss.

Enhance Your Stay With Additional Behavior Change Services

During your core Pritikin stay, you’ll gain a wealth of tools to help you change unwanted behaviors that may be preventing you from reaching your health and weight-loss goals. However, some guests wish to enhance their stay with additional one-on-one coaching that addresses specific, personal concerns. We therefore offer additional personal services to help you meet your goals.

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Are you taking or considering a medication for weight loss?

By combining the Pritikin Program with Ozempic, Wegovy, or ZepBound, you can safely accelerate weight loss, reduce side effects, preserve lean body mass, and enhance long-term metabolic health for optimal success.