Family Health Camp

Both kids and parents learn how fun and rewarding a healthy lifestyle can be in Pritikin's Family Health Camp, now in its 16th year.

Some children come for weight loss. Others have no weight issues. All enjoy a fun camp-like atmosphere.

The Pritikin Family Health Camp is an opportunity for both kids and their family to learn a healthy lifestyle. These fun outdoor activities will have your kids putting down those video games and turning off the television.

July 8 to 22, 2018

Each day in Pritikin’s Family Health Camp, the kids whoop and holler their way through drum-thumping “Cardiac Rap” aerobic workouts, strength training called “Pump ‘Em Up,” kid-friendly nutrition and cooking classes, and afternoons filled with swimming, golf, volleyball, and tennis.

They also enjoy tasty, healthy snacks and meals like chewy potato skins, icy fruit smoothies, salsa-bean burritos, chicken pasta primavera, and chocolate mousse.

Meanwhile, parents receive the full benefit of the traditional, for-adults Pritikin Health and Weight-Loss Program. Many also attend workshops on motivating their kids to make healthy choices.


In peer-reviewed studies on children in the Pritikin Family Health Camp (see citations at end of article), scientists at UCLA found that in just two weeks the children:

  • Shed on average 9 pounds (among children needing to lose weight)
  • Decreased LDL bad cholesterol 25% and total cholesterol 23%
  • Lowered triglyceride fats 39%
  • Reduced key markers of inflammation
  • Eliminated the Metabolic Syndrome (a pre-diabetic condition)

“I learned a lot…”

“I learned a lot at Pritikin,” says Colin, 15, who lost 45 pounds within nine months after leaving Pritikin and watched his chronically high blood pressure fall into normal, healthy ranges.

This Indiana teenager is a runner, basketball player, and weight lifter, “but I learned at Pritikin that what you eat matters a lot more than how much you exercise.” He fills his day with good food, like breakfasts that begin with bananas and Subway sandwiches at lunch that are packed with all kinds of fresh veggies. “It’s second nature to me now. I like what I eat.

“I also learned at Pritikin that even if I’ve have a bad day of eating, I can get right back into a healthy eating pattern the next day. I no longer have an ‘all or nothing’ mindset where I was ridiculously strict, eating no more than 1,200 calories a day, then I’d crash and eat a whole pizza, then hate myself. It’s great to be free of that mindset.”

Total Immersion In Healthy Living… And A Lot Of Fun

To teach children healthy habits, the entire family needs to be involved, insists every major pediatric health organization. Family immersion in healthy living is what the Pritikin Family Health Camp is all about, and it’s taught by nationally renowned physicians, dietitians, and exercise physiologists.

More important (as far as the kids are concerned) is that the program’s just a whole lot of fun. Each day, the children get movin’ while participating in fun activities both indoors and outdoors! They’ll enjoy kayaking, hiking, playing tennis and basketball in the fresh air, and when it really heats up, can go inside and keep moving with dance classes as well as strength training, music-charged aerobic workouts, or better yet, go for a dip in either our outdoor or indoor pool!

The cooking classes get high marks, too. The kids make – and get a big kick out of sampling – tasty snacks, soups, sorbets, pastas, crepes, cookies, and Mexican-style beans and tortillas.

In kid-friendly nutrition classes taught by Pritikin’s dietitians, the children are exposed to some real eye-openers, like the number of teaspoons of sugar (more than 10!) in a can of Coke, and how smooth-skinned arteries can turn “gross with cholesterol boils” after years of eating the wrong foods.

Meanwhile, parents are fully involved in the for-adults Pritikin Health and Weight-Loss Program, which also includes family-focused workshops, such as planning menus with your kids, handling picky eaters and junk food lovers, and fitting fitness fun into everyday family life.

Sample Day and Menu For the Pritikin Family Health Camp
7:30 Breakfast Hot or Cold Cereals
Bananas, Peaches, Berries, Watermelon
Egg White Omelet Bar
Fresh Yogurt, Cottage Cheese
Fruit Juices, Nonfat Milk, Soymilk
8:15 Tennis Lesson
9:30 Cooking Workshop “Easy, Tasty Snacks”
10:45 Nutrition Workshop “Packing Your Lunch, and Eating on the Go”
12:00 Lunch Salad Bar With Freshly Cut Selections
Maniac Minestrone Soup
Pumped-Up Pizza
Bean-Bumpin’ Burritos
Fresh Fruit Baskets
Juices and Milk
1:00 Exercise “Cardio Blast” Workout
2:00 Health Workshop “Fun Facts About Fitness”
3:15 Field Trip Visit a water park (weather permitting)
5:00 Field Trip Whole Foods Market To Learn Label Reading
630 Dinner Gazpacho Tropical Soup
Chewy, Chunky Potato Skins
Roasted Veggies – Asparagus, Peppers, Corn on the Cob
Grilled Bison Steak With Creamy Macaroni
Onion Mashed Potatoes
Fresh Vegetable Finger Foods
Strawberry Shortcake
Milk, Fruit Juices, Chocolate Milk
7:30 Exercise Swimming Under the Stars

Pritikin Family Health Camp:

All the events and special programs in our Calendar run concurrently with our core Pritikin Health and Weight-Loss Program, which means you’ll receive the full benefit of our core program plus, if you desire, the special programs. To enroll in special programs, speak with your sales coordinator about adding them onto your core reservation. All special programs are subject to change and may be cancelled if registration is low.

The Epidemic – Childhood Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

Never before was it so vital that we improve the diet and exercise habits of our children. We don’t have a few overweight kids in America. We have a national health crisis.

Among U.S. teens, obesity-related type 2 diabetes has increased 800% during the past decade. And nearly 70% of teens in America show the initial stages of fatty streaks, or early heart disease, in their arteries — not only overweight adolescents but thin ones as well. This is the first generation in history, scientists predict, in which parents may outlive their children.

The Solution – Pritikin Delivers Results

A powerful solution, UCLA researchers have found, is the Pritikin Family Health Camp. In studies (see citations below) on both normal-weight and overweight children, the following results were achieved in two weeks:

  • Total cholesterol lowered on average 23%
  • LDL bad cholesterol decreased 25%
  • Average weight loss (among overweight children) of 9 pounds
  • Triglyceride fats lowered 39%
  • Key markers of chronic inflammation reduced, including C-reactive protein and oxidative stress
  • Increased production of nitric oxide, a beneficial chemical that expands blood vessels, increases blood flow, and squelches plaque growth and blood clotting

Lose Weight at the Pritikin Weight-Loss Retreat

Take life to the next level, and be all that you can be. That’s what a vacation at Pritikin is all about. Live better. Look better. And best of all, feel better.


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Get Our Meal Plan For Free

Lower your cholesterol, shed weight, get your blood pressure under control, and lower blood sugar. You get it all with Pritikin's 5-Day Meal Plan. Download now for free!.

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