Snoring Solutions Could Prevent Heart Attacks

If you snore and wonder if you have sleep apnea, you’ve got to do something about it.

Characterized by chronic snoring interrupted with gasps (when breathing actually stops), the consequences of sleep apnea are severe and include dramatically increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

A killer for men over 40

New research from Johns Hopkins University found that among nearly 3,000 American men ages 40 to 70, those with sleep apnea were twice as likely to die over an eight-year period as those without the condition.*

Having sleep apnea also makes it a lot harder to shed excess weight. That’s because sleep apnea promotes the production of hormones, like ghrelan, that stimulate appetite.

One in four men

One key problem is that sleep apnea is an under-the-radar type of disease. It goes undiagnosed in about 70% of people. That’s scary when you consider the huge numbers of adult Americans who have the condition – about one in four men and one in ten women.

Many people at high risk simply aren’t aware of sleep apnea’s dangers. Others are in denial and make excuses like:

  • “I really don’t snore that much.”
  • “My spouse doesn’t complain.”
  • “I sleep really well… I can’t believe that my breathing is stopping at night.”

No obvious symptoms

Also, as many as 30% of sleep apneics have no obvious symptoms.

Many people also avoid the issue when they discover that the evaluation for sleep apnea is inconvenient and time-consuming. Traditionally it’s meant spending a full night in a sleep clinic for the complete overnight testing.

New testing at Pritikin

But now, if you’re planning a visit to the Pritikin Longevity Center, you’ll be able to take advantage of new technology that allows state-of-the-art testing to take place in the comfort of your hotel room at the resort.  That’s right, the technicians and equipment come to you. 


The benefits of testing and treatment are priceless. “If you can arrest sleep apnea, it opens up a whole new world of health and vitality to you,” counsels Dr. Ronald Scheib, Medical Director at Pritikin.

Snoring solutions and controlling sleep apnea

“There’s stunning improvement in well being. Controlling sleep apnea helps you substantially cut your risk of a heart attack, jump-start your weight loss efforts – yes, all of sudden it’s much easier to lose weight – improve your energy levels during the day, and much more.

“Like so much else that we do at Pritikin, taking care of sleep apnea means that you’re not only living longer, you’re living better each and every day,” concludes Dr. Scheib.

* Punjabi NM, Caffo BS, Goodwin JL, Gottlieb DJ, Newman AB, et al. Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Mortality: A Prospective Cohort Study. PLoS Med, August: 2009; 6(8): e1000132. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000132

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