8 Quick & Easy Healthy Salad Dressing Tips

Here are 8 delicious healthy salad dressing tips, each just 5 to 25 calories per two-tablespoon serving. They’re low in sodium, too.

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Healthy Salad Dressing Tips While Dining Out

Wild Greens1. Vinegars

Ask your server to bring to the table traditional varieties like balsamic and red wine vinegars or new combinations like champagne vinegar and muscat grape vinegar. Simply ask: “What’s in the kitchen? What type of vinegars is the chef using?” Then request that a bottle be brought out for your salad.

2. Lemon Juice

At home or in restaurants, always squeeze fresh lemon juice on cut pieces of apple and avocado to keep them from turning brown. And use lemon juice to add zest to many vegetables. It may even suffice as a salad dressing (zero calories) when you’re really trying to lose weight.

salsa3. Fresh Salsa

Again, find out what’s in the restaurant’s kitchen. Sometimes there may be exotic salsas the chef has whipped up as a topping for seafood, like a fresh papaya and cilantro salsa, which would make a fabulous healthy salad dressing. Request that the chef not shake any salt on it.

4. Wasabi and Rice Vinegar

In Asian-style restaurants, add a lot of kick to your salads by adding a bit of wasabi (known as Japanese horseradish) to rice vinegar. Want it hotter? Add more wasabi. Stir and pour.

5. Shrimp-Cocktail-Style Dressing

If the menu has shrimp cocktail sauce, ask for some on the side with your salad. If there isn’t any on the menu, make your own. Ask for catsup and a little horseradish, and a little dish to stir up the two ingredients.

salad6. Low-Calorie Vinaigrette

Ask for a cruet of olive, canola, or walnut oil and one of vinegar. Pour mostly vinegar with just a teaspoon of oil. Season with black pepper.

7. Dijon and Balsamic

Request a bottle of Dijon mustard and one of balsamic vinegar. Pour some of each in a small dish, stir it up, and pour over your salad.

8. Zesty and Creamy

Health-conscious restaurants may even have fat-free sour cream or yogurt in the kitchen. If so, ask for an ounce or two and sass it up with mustard, balsamic vinegar, catsup, or hot sauce.


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