Stopping Cancer Naturally – Breast, Colon and Prostate Cancer

Short Videos By the nonprofit Describe Research

In these 1- to 3-minute videos, learn about science showing that healthy Pritikin living can suppress the growth of breast and prostate cancer cells, and even induce them to self-destruct.

Stop Breast and Prostate Cancer Naturally

These videos by summarize research on the Pritikin Program's ability to stop breast and prostate cancer naturally.

Summarizes Michael Greger, MD, of the nonprofit “What kind of blood do we want in our bodies? Do we want blood that rolls over when cancer cells pop up? Or do we want blood circulating to every nook and cranny in our body that has the power to slow down and stop cancer cells?” The Pritikin Program gives us that power, the power of stopping cancer naturally.

Lower Your Cancer Risk

Fifty years ago, Nathan Pritikin believed that proper food and fitness could eliminate our most chronic health concerns, including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and even some cancers. Today, research is proving Nathan Pritikin right.

Diet Kills Cancer Cells

Studies have found that two to three weeks of Pritikin living appear to significantly enhance cancer defenses against breast cancer and prostate cancer cells. The blood of those on the Pritikin Program suppressed cancer cell growth nearly 8 times better.

Diet or Exercise?

Whose blood is better at killing cancer cells? People who eat a standard American diet and exercise strenuously? Or people who eat Pritikin-style (primarily whole plant foods naturally rich in nutrients) and exercise only moderately? Find out.

How Pritikin Program Fights Cancer

Science shows how the Pritikin Program makes the bloodstream “so inhospitable to cancer,” states Dr. Michael Greger of It involves a subtle but powerful shift in our biochemistry that squelches cancer promoters like IGF-1.

Breast Cancer Prevention Diet

Get the diet and six lifestyle tips for Preventing Breast Cancer Naturally

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